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Monday, 24 October 2011

It has To Be Europe!

Entente Discordant!

How war's start. "The reason a nation insulted (or claimed to be insulted) was to go to war without appearing as the aggressor (ultimatums could serve the same aim). The insulter would try to force the insulted ruler to go to war or take other action, as not doing so would make him look weak in the eyes of his vassals."  taken from here.

I am personally  thrilled, like Richard, Pseudo Dave got a wigging but not so chuffed it was from an age old short arse in the modern guise of his forebear. Whereas EU lover Davey got it in the neck big time, it behoves these ess aitch one tees to remember that they are not individuals  but representatives of their people. Ergo, slag each other off they're rollicking all of us. So not very nice!

Naturally this little squirt knows his beloved Franco-German Axis is busted. Politically and economically. Merkel will soon be swept away and The German people rescue their cash from the begging bowls of a failed ideology, exploited by thieves, fraudsters, gangsters and bankers. A quartet worried that their fine EU construct built to hide the profits of criminal corruption is crumbling.

I have to say that the referendum theatre of bores in Westminster today is a side show. The main event is the fall of European Federalism. As The UK was powerless to stop Hitler, so the Brussels cartel is feebly unable to contain the collapse of this monumental disaster. Why am I so certain? Pure arithmetic Divide zero by zero, (EU funding debt and shortfalls) equals zero! The reason no "plan" is forthcoming is because none of these idiots will admit "the party's over".

To highlight the facts I offer this quote, "Fears are growing that the package of measures will not be enough to withstand potential future economic shocks - amid warnings that Greece could swallow all the remaining eurozone bailout cash on its own." from here. There is but one solution. The wholesale dismantling of The EU Federal ambition and it's failed currency experiment. It was stupid to begin with and history has proven that salient, though ignored, fact. 

Sarkozy knows it and his unpleasant rudeness and tetchiness though justifiable as an act against Cameron, is not acceptable as an insult to the British people. I'm practising my archery skills!! It's that or stock up on pop corn.


  1. Yes - I've also read the RT article (rolling news) on the real powers behind the financial turmoil that we punters keep paying for in more ways than one. I note today that the RT is running an article on the insidiousness of a re-invigorated 'Cold War' which appears to have imminent market opportunities as the EU trough is not as bottomless as once thought.

  2. Clarinda, OR's "Maxim gun syndrome" never goes away!

  3. Divide zero by zero, I like it, just about sums it up.

  4. This is turning out very well so far. The Germans are fed up with being drained of their money.....Cam-a-moron is getting his ass handed to him by France, and hopefully the whole EU crap state will implode very soon.

    That is a great yellow raincoat the guy is wearing in your header area, OR. I bet there will be lots of orders for it, and you can get one for your very own!