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Monday, 17 October 2011

Grotesque and Obscene.


Erudite and to the point.  However knowing of and reading about the shit we are forced to grovel under still needs me to vent my own fury and anger at the utter blind despicable excrement we have to watch shovelled by the political arses of the Universe. Those cretinous scum who regard our lives, efforts, taxes and saving  as no more than toilet paper to wipe their gross, malformed, fat luxuriously fed anal orifices.

Get a medical probe up their bums and stare at the content of their diseased ridden bowels of utter failure as to how to treat their own cancer. This massive growth of life destroying capability is a perfect example. To fund this massive liability, our pathetic Government needs to borrow ever more money. From where is that to come. Since we run trillions of UK credit card debt and colossal debt interest, all this bunch of ignoramuses are doing is piling ever more poverty onto future generations. 

All of this Labour Government, now Cobbleition, tactical, childish activity, is done for, is to pursue short term gain and hopefully votes. It worked for Bliar and Snotty, why not for these backsides from hell? Let's examine the idiocy for what it's worth.

We fund and have done, for over a decade, illegal wars and foreign interventions costing billions in debt and lives endlessly crapped in the gutter of political hubris. Not one of these wars has improved the lot of mankind one jot. Again, barely one bog roll of the ruling junta's needs to wipe clean the mess of their own making.

It doesn't stop at wars. Look at this IMF gangster Corporation. Allied to the need to bail out the derelict hulk of the Eurozone. Never mind Africa and it's poverty of traditional deprivation and more needy Nations across the Globe. This lot are now dedicated to garnering every bit of worthless IOU paper to shore up an edifice so politically corrupt in its construct as it can possibly be. So Osborne seeks to borrow £20 billion to chuck down this bottomless sewer that is The EU Federal cess pit, via The IMF, who will take their cut of course.

Still 5p a litre bunged on petrol in January will help to pay some of that extra interest. We are supposed to be an oil producing Nation. Sure doesn't feel like it does it? Every penny of profit created by we as a people is spent on debt interest to buy the bog rolls our Government's bowel cancer requires. The worse things get the "more of the same" methods are employed regardless of the fact the toilet bowl is so overflowing it threatens to suffocate us even quicker than ever before.

As a final illustration of the pathetic childishness and immaturity of this Government and its so called advisers is Pseudo and Huhne's gross distortion of reality today. I quote,   "The government needs to work "harder and faster" to bring down energy bills",  the prime minister has said ahead of a summit on gas and electricity prices.
Naturally the huge and vainglorious hoon of Huhnes fails to mention the "green" taxes hidden in those prices. Taxes used to subsidise new energy manufacturers of which he is undoubtedly a beneficiary. Why, you might ask? Simple, he's a politician.

Let's not forget, all this hand wringing about energy consumption, pollution and green house gases is conveniently shoved aside when their self interests come to the fore. Particularly when wars are the only growth industry they are really making money out of.

All I can say is this. the anger and violence criticised by The New World Order mouthpieces, happening all over The World, is a sign that ordinary people are beginning to see and smell the crap dumped on them over decades.If you are under a huge pile of stench ridden governance, survival depends on fighting your way out. Law enforcement agencies are also ordinary people. They should switch sides. That would reduce the violence! Is there any other option?

I leave you with "“The hoax that took place over the last 30 years with regards to national debt and debt within the system generally – all of these things are very complicated and difficult for the general public to understand, and people in the media and people on Wall Street like it that way, because if you don’t understand it, you don’t get what happened,” financial analyst Karl Denninger explains.
“But the American people know that they’ve gotten hosed: they’ve lost their jobs, they’ve seen them go offshore to China, they’ve lost their houses, they saw a huge run-up in home prices, then it collapsed,” Denninger continues. “And people are saying: ‘You know what? I know I’ve gotten screwed by all of this but I don’t know how I got screwed.”


  1. I can never understand how these bastards sleep at night.

  2. I just wish sometimes there was an MP, someone normal, who would stand up in Parliament and say: 'Stop all this shit. Just stop it now.'

    Unfortunately, they're all in it together. They're the insiders, and we're the outsiders.

  3. Anon, mostly booze and cocaine induced. Michael, if only.

  4. We are getting, hosed, screwed and totally F*cked! It's gonna get worse before it gets better. Suddenly, the survivalists and companies that sell emergency food rations for a year don't look so nutty!

  5. Hi, Bunni. We could be fine. The EU disintegrates, protests force an election in The UK and we return to a Common Market which embraces every country on earth. Politicians are sidelined and people look after themselves. Bureaucrats go on strike and billions are saved with very little being noticed. All wars are amnestied, Libya forgives Gaddafi and returns to normal. Afghanistan is handed back to The Afghan people, Iraq appoints a Saddam relative as leader. In America and The UK pork belly becomes a field sport to rival grouse shooting!

  6. Wotcha Rightie.

    Yes indeed. See, my argument has always been that the Fabian method of introducing unwanted change by increment is in the end bound to other words it works until people begin to realise the true implications of what these incremental changes add up to equal.
    Tis just a drawn out, loopy loo method of imposing something that people do not / would not ever want...hence the method of 'drip, drip' just in case people were to realise along the way!...bless 'em eh?

    I'm finding the shale gas story very interesting right now. It's almost a God given!
    We have the likes of that arse'ole 'Huhneatic' bleating that it's all our fault that energy prices are so high (because we haven't insulated our homes with 10' of insulation or switched to a supplier that's not in cohorts with gov') yet no mention of his infantile 'green revolution' or the 'climate change act'.
    Ha haar! and along comes the discovery of a cheap, plentiful, reliable energy source right here in our own back yard...enough to keep us cosy and foreign price intervention free for decades, maybe even centuries! Yet do we here about this from the MSM? Do we buggery.
    It's part of the plan folks....but like said, it'll only work up till a point.

  7. ...err *hear* not *here*...terribly sorry.

  8. I might also add that once the great people of this nation (and contrary to reports from the BBC; we are still great) realise the full scale of the fraud that has been perpetrated upon them...nothing other than full scale retribution will do.

  9. (pic caption link) "Julie Henry knows the real cost of rising food and fuel prices, with four children and just £108 a week in benefits to cover all the family bills" Julie Henry should have kept her legs shut until she could afford to raise four children.

    On a happier note @gau8

    Why are we kept in the dark over the energy lifeline that is shale gas?
    DT Tues 16/10/11

  10. Gau8 and banned. Great comments, thank you. You also gave me a theme for today's post on the shale gas issue.