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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Great Gamble.

At The EU Casino!

How illogical can these idioten get? The billions or even trillions being bet, against hoped for future earnings, likely never to happen, under the debt and fees needed, is an addictive gamblers action. Just imagine if the EU burden of cost to run and the unimaginable debt servicing being pursued, was not to happen?

It's hardly free trade, is it? At such an enormous subsidy requirement to function, failure is already apparent. Yet still chips are being secured to bet on the turn of a wheel rigged against the people with most to lose. Instead of closing down this casino to destruction, the cost of it all could be diverted into fairer trade, stimulation of business and the alleviating of personal debt, in many ways forced on unsuspecting and moronic individuals.

Force and coercion through advertising, consumer avalanches of unnecessary toys, junk foods, unaffordable dreams and political purchases of ballot papers. Throughout all of this wars are raging, at huge cost,bureaucratic monuments to this gambling addiction are constantly afforded through ever increasing wild attempts to win with just one more turn of the wheel.

Whilst this madness continues, Africa remains stuck in the dark ages. Many corners of Europe, South America, Asia and so forth struggle against famine and natural disasters. All of these things ignored whilst Europe plays out its casino nightmare of losses piled on top of losses.

Why does this madness continue? Hubris, know all snug superiority of a political class drunk on power and arrogance. So far into the debt of their gambling addiction as to see nought but the spinning wheel. Always  confident that the massive losses being sustained will not empty their coffers. Damn their stupidity and narcissism. Thank God for the handful in The UK Parliament yesterday evening with a modicum of decency. Not enough to make a difference, sadly. 

Better off out, you ask? Without doubt. That applies more to Germany than any other nation in The EU. Those mugs are picking up more of the casino tab! The only logical conclusion for this continuance is their dream of absolute power and dominance. A super State without democracy. A dictatorship of shadows. We appear very close to it already, don't we?

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