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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Get Simple.

Come On, Do a Bit Of Work!

Tell me and anyone who visits this blog, what would it take to stir the Jeremy Kyle underclass to notice how much they're being screwed? Come on, give me a day off!!!


  1. Nice one OR. For me, this is the biggest open goal that people like the Faux conservatives have missed time and time again (in fact, they've never even taken a shot at it.

    The Labour party, the unions and their big state allies have been pulling pretty much the biggest con going, with their mythical love for the working man and woman.

    Their fear and they know it is that if working people ever "get it", they are finished as a mainstream political movement. This is why they tear into anything that suggests rolling back the state.

    I think back to something, reputedly attributed to Malcolm X, when he told the people listening to them that "They'd been had", because that applies here. they have been had. They've been had by an education movement that has bred to be incapable of free thought, perfectly conditioning them for the social veal calf experiment that followed. They've been had politicians who have used them as cannon fodder in their political correctness experiments and they've been had by unions, especially public sector ones who could have explained a long time ago the problem with their pensions and schooled them how to take control of their own money.

    Any one of these groups could have helped them to live a better life, but they didn't, preferring to keep them as tools to fight their ideological battle.

    I'm not talking about all on the left as many of them have genuine intent I'm certain, but they have been hijacked by the hardcore and have their genuineness hijacked by a groupthink that the well meaning cannot see and critique.

    But as I say, I don't lay all the blame at the foot of the left. Had those on the right had any depth about them, they could clearly explain this, but they didn't.

    In addition, credit where credit's due - the left are excellent in selling their side of the story and are streets ahead of where those of us that run counter to them are. I think this is because they view the war as everything and never let up. Its a kind of Kalashnikov politics in which they'll pick up any weapon that gives them what they need.

    Former socialist David Horrowitz has a good piece on this subject within his Front Page site.

    Given where we are now, I think the modern Conservative party is no longer fit for purpose in terms of those who think they belong there. It is time for a break away. It needs however to go hand in hand with a new thinking and one that has the truth about the con running through it.

    Of course some of our more fecund wasters will be lost, but many do it because everyone else is. The clean up needs to start. It will be a long battle for the mind but that is not an excuse to not start. We're fighting a train of thought that has been running since the Frankfurt institute started, so they've got one hell of a headstart on us.

    I feel a blog post coming on

  2. RB, just what I'd hoped in a response.Thank you. Come on, Demetrius, surely not!

  3. The problem with "Jeremy Kyle's underclass" appears to be that many are too busy enjoying their unrestricted predilection to be screwed - if you see what I mean.

  4. So if we take "being screwed" away from them, Clarinda? Hard to believe any of them indulge in that which they do!

  5. I think we need to see the wood for the trees on this one. If we roll back some aspects of the welfare state it will undoubtedly cause pain for a number of.

    Their first thought is for their own comfort so they will seek an alternate source of comfort. If that becomes seeking work or keeping their knickers on and their legs shut we'll see more do it. In turn the number of people who turn on those who try to remain bone idle will increase.

  6. Wotcha Rightie!

    Well....not to appear lazy, but I don't think any of 'us' has to do anything.
    Our 'illustrious leaders' have run out of (our) money.
    Soon....the feckless and rufesniks will all of a sudden be going hungry....stock up on No 3 shot or bigger!

  7. RB, thanks for the input and support. gau8, likewise. Interesting times, as they say!