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Monday, 3 October 2011


Greeks Defaulting, Yanks Revolting, Leaders Lacking.

Despite bloggers efforts to get "it" out there, the West's media continue their stonewall conspiracies of muted and selected information.

The IMF/EU Dictators were kept out of the Greek office buildings on their raiding party takeover mission. The inevitable default unlikely to be orderly, since Merkel has mugged her own electorate, again! As, of course, all the other ghastly so called leaders are doing. Little reported, however. Compare the dearth of reporting to the bloody Jackson,s well paid drug dealers trial and the sordid Knox rubbish. Both trampling willy nilly over the innocents in favour of the victims.

Then the American protests in Wall Street. Land of the free my arse. Beatings, arrests and State directed violence only a smidgeon away from the Syrian crack downs. Hardly a murmur from anyone in the MSM bar RT.  If this grows , throughout The USA, Obummer will be lynched, either actually or electorally next year. Still, mums the word. Hush, don't frighten the bloody horses, move on, nothing to see here.

All the time our MSM quietly fails to pose the serious questions. Leaders' utter, abject failure to look after "The People" rather than their own selfish greed and banking chums is an utter disgrace. Protest is bubbling away and The MSM remain wedded to the celebs' culture and routine daily churn of crap. 

Behind closed doors the debate is about pouring oil on troubled waters and hoping things will get back to the cosy, Bilderberger longed for, World dominance. Well the sheeples are clocking the lavish banquets, privileged car lanes, luxury private jets and pompous greed and are not happy. Still the MSM blithely feed us with crap, aided and abetted by the Corporate Mafia underpinning their existence.

If one individual stood up and proclaimed that The EU is a messy and unnecessary problem, the euro an infectious rash and symptomatic of  the plague that is Corporate dominance of the planet's resources, such an individual might shake the moronic, blameworthy culture of modern politics and it's practitioners . Well, since a Messiah seems to be unavailable the people are rising up. I loved the "RT" statement about the Arab Spring is now an American Autumn. A European winter looks inevitable! I also loved this, 

"“Once you are not afraid to be arrested anymore, the whole entire control of the police state disappears,” says Robert Cammiso, one of those detained. “And when that happens, there are incredible possibilities that are open to us, and suddenly you can imagine a different world and you believe you can be an agent of change.”

P.S. The poll on Cleggy offered not one vote in his support! 111 votes on "Is Clegg a career politician shyster." 65 for yes, 67 an EU puppet, 27 a wet wimp! 0 for NO!


  1. The MSM is absolutely useless for real news these days. If only the general public knew about blogs.

  2. Or even watched more RT, Michael.