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Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Break From the EU Debacle.

An Olympic Committee Rant Instead.

A competitor is taken to the starting blocks.

I don't really need to add to the picture and caption. Still after a morning deprived of internet access, I shall!

This bunch of quasi legal cretins have bellowed out that, "hey kids, go snort, inject, swallow, stick up your arse" any old substance you think no one else might be stupid enough to try. Go on, it might make you very rich, albeit also very dead.

It is understood that pharmaceutical companies have told their researchers to drop cancer drug work and all fruitless activities and to now concentrate on ensuring opium products can be fashioned into performance enhancing drugs worth billions. Never mind pigs flying, the way has been cleared to get sprinters to never touch the ground and safety nets to be put above stadia to catch triple jumpers.

Meanwhile, Rooney senior has been freed on match fixing charges now that drug taking is deemed OK, he needn't seek alternative means to fix matches. Just up the doses of sports drinks. As for betting, the odds will be now taken on which team has the best doctors. A massive clamour has gone out for a certain Dr. Conrad Murray whose legal team have changed their defence to one of voluntary administration of Olympic Committee approved substances to enhance dancing gymnastics.

Over at The BBC, new guidelines have been given to the Strictly judges that any participants showing signs of incredible energy are to be asked to share their concoctions with those more lack lustre. Nancy Dell'Olio is reported to have refused.

Andy Pandy has also been given a new lease of life whereby his strings will no longer be necessary as powerful drugs will used to show the tiny tots what real drugs can do. This company has been declared insolvent now more significant substances are allowed for wannabe sports stars.

What a wonderful world we are living in. Not! I will add that the news today that people using is falling and under treatment rising, is excellent. If that pattern were to grow substantially the drug barons would have less cash to launder through the banks!

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