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Friday, 28 October 2011

The Boy's Out Of His Depth.


All the bluster we are forced to endure from Calamity Clegg and his highly paid EU Wife is bad enough. To have to witness The British Prime Minister reduced to playground like efforts to get in with the perceived "in" crowd, is humiliating.

The Europeans, particularly France and Germany, never were comfortable with the American led, British created, freeing of the Nazi occupation of their Continent. This warmongering via economic warfare, rather than military, is gathering pace. We have seen the occupation of Ireland and GreeceItaly will be next. Thereafter Spain and Portugal will be "rescued" from their freedom and sovereignty.

Let's be clear on this. We still have significant oil reserves around all our coastline. Shale gas is there for the asking. Energy self-sufficiency the EU can only dream of. That we choose not to hand it to them on a plate, so far, irks. Another eco-military analogy is that of refusing France our remaining Spitfires in WW2. 

"Dowding argued that such action would be futile and more importantly the loss of those ten squadrons would make it impossible to defend England. Churchill, also a man noted for his stubbornness, would not relent. 
Then an extraordinary exchange took place that speaks volumes about both Dowding and Churchill. Dowding asked to take his case to the War Cabinet, in effect going over Churchill's 
head. This was a highly confrontational move for a serving officer, all the more so because the man being confronted was the pugnacious, indomitable Winston Churchill. A lesser man would have refused but the greatness of Churchill shines through when he, recognising both the gravity of the decision and the courage of Dowding to press his case, agreed."

Then France cared only for themselves regardless that their pleading for our aircraft might well have lost us the war. For all their present day high brow attitudes to a Federal EU State, it's to be one led and modelled on The German bureaucratic intransigence, aped so well by The French. We are only wanted on those terms.

These same people or their compatriots did nothing to help us in the early 90s over our ERM discomfort. I see this as the same behaviour now. So, Davey Boy, you've had a taste of how they see you and we British. Do you yearn for even more humiliation on our behalf? If not, you know what to do. Leave them to their debt mountains and assorted collective mistakes, we really are better off out!

As for this crap about 50% of our trade is with Europe, it's a big wide world out there! Lets go prospect!


  1. Right on OR.

    We're looking for a Prime Minister - not a cabbage patch puppet.


  2. BJ, in our Country we have a political class from which finding a PM is like searching for rocking horse manure.

  3. I have often thought that more credit should be given to Dowding,including the rapid adoption of the "chain home" radar and integrated control system.

    He was an awkward character, religious in a funny way and nicknamed "Stuffy".

    I wonder whether this brush with Churchill
    was the real reason for his subsequent sacking. If he had remained influential, the bombing campaign (which became a sort of airborne Somme) might have been conducted differently.

  4. The trade figures are inflated to help their case for remaining "in Europe".

    Successive governments have favoured paltry euro-trade over the Commonwealth, a much larger market and our traditional, mutually-beneficial trading partners.

    Euro-trade is nearer to 10% of GDP.

    We are net losers economically in our trade balance with Europe.

    Leaving the EU and adopting EFTA, like Switzerland, Lichtenstein & Norway, would have huge economic benefits for the UK.