Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

As One Goes A Bit Quieter.

Another Flares Up.

This drawing so typifies Human nature. In particular the world of politics. As we watch our pathetic and childlike leaders congratulate themselves over Libya and their joyous relationship with the butchers of Sirte, the residue of their useless and bloody interferences elsewhere, flare up.

In this instance I mean Kosovo. RT showed a German senior KFOR General boasting of his military might behind him squaring up to Serbian civilians protesting their right to a Nationality. The EU Army morphed from NATO.  Those considering themselves more equipped to boss everyone else really do not understand irony. 

The EU brags that its federalist goal is a European nation so at one with that itself, war on that Continent would be abolished. No more booming despots and busted people. The method of this creative activity, however involves force in all its might. Storm troopers, (riot police) prowl this failed experiment in pan political self belief, other Countries are bombed to hell and back.

All the time these mini despots fail to taker stock. Free trade has become a protectionist cartel. as discussed here.  This "peace in our time" concept has provoked more conflict than may have been the case without it's forceful drive to subjugate any dissent of questioning of its stupidity. Stir into the mix the abject and pathetic failure of economic incompetence, profligacy and outright collapse round the corner and the "one size fits all" plank of pseudo socialist oak like thickness, becomes a mockery. An irony which sadly is not cause for pleasure and smiles when measured against the terrible decline perpetrated and accelerating.

Protectionism is the way forward for one simple reason. The Globalised economy, banking systems to service it and pan European Federalism are not too big to fail, they are too big to succeed. The cartoon above illustrates the very essence of Human nature. Resources are scarce and therefore "to the victor the spoils" will always remain dominant. A million Merkels, a trillion Sarkozys or untold legions of wet kids like Cameron need to get an education in reality. Fat chance of that, I guess. 


  1. I was just drafting something on this very subject. You've beaten me to it once again. :)

  2. My dear Subrosa, (not a Pseudo Dave patronising "my dear"!) in our troubled world the more rational dissenting voices published the better!
    I support the "occupy movement's" preparedness to have a go at dissenting, even if a degree of immaturity is there. It's better than the sheeples acquiescence mirrored by those terrible atrocities of the Second World War.

  3. I gather the Turks have invaded Iraq, to deal with the Kurds.

  4. Demetrius, flexing their EU credentials, possibly?