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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Ten Years On.

Here,  dated last June, it is said that 130000 civilian deaths have occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you think that's sufficient revenge for 9/11?

As the tenth anniversary  of this war on the innocent by the ignorant passes we had to endure the likes of that obese piece of white lard, Simpson, of The BBC cabal, lecture us on how "nobody could have foreseen the debacle that it has become." Well, obese Lord of Nothing at All pomposity, many, many did foresee it. "Haq’s urgent message for western leaders was that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was toppling from within. He’d had clandestine meetings with renegade Taliban commanders, he said, and they’d pledged their support to him — but any hasty attack could unite the Taliban again against the West. Sadly for Afghanistan and for the West, Blair and Bush ignored Haq’s warnings.",  from here. The lazy know all Simpson obviously didn't bother with any work or research which would have yielded this gem.

All of this has not included the fledgeling blog culture, which itself carried many, many posts warning of the USSR collapse having been allied to the Afghan venture. Still the idiots in charge of the lunatic asylum, that is The Western culture of today, cannot and refuse to witness the mess and the need to stop digging ever deeper into the latrine of their making.

I suppose there are now too many interested arms dealers, corrupt brokerage agencies and massive secret deals to carve up the Afghanistan mineral resources. Only problem, here, lads, is the Taliban will demand a price even the biggest corporate raiders and their political friends won't be able to afford. Bit of a lesson here for that wannabe member of the Lord Mandleson/Bliar club of corruption, Liam Fox. At least they weren't in quite such an embarrassing rush to cash in.

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  1. Lardy Simpson even wears lard like jackets. With these "brains" everywhere in The MSM and Western governments, it's little wonder The Taliban find it easy. They fight with nationalistic fervour and common sense.