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Monday, 12 September 2011

Where It All Goes So very Wrong.

Some Do So Well Whilst Others Suffer Horrendously.

Conservative Party Chairman candidate, has all the right qualifications!

 Shamed Tory Peer Lord Hanningfield has been released from prison after serving nine weeks of his nine-month sentence for fiddling taxpayers out of £14,000, Whilst this poor old chap served longer, even after a reduced sentence.

Our system is bust and those most responsible continue blithely along in their armour plated bubbles often paid for by us. That ghastly little creep, Marr, puffed and preened his intellectual deluded prowess as he swaggered and minced his minuscule frame around our Sunday morning
Like all those leftie but stinking rich BBC and MSM corporate ass lickers, he considers his good fortune to be somehow deserved, earnt by his special talents and superior existence.
In reality he is the gurning, jug eared face of a  society which rewards knowing the right people way beyond any benefit to humanity they could possibly garner.

We live in a global feudal system with a Mafia of twenty first century robber barons firmly in control. Aided and abetted by their tame armies of political foot soldiers and  shooting in the foot experts of the Trades Union hangars on.

One section of the above could be hurt by mass action. If Trade Union members realised how their subscriptions are diverted everywhere but for their benefit and stopped paying, that would be interesting.


  1. The unions out here are just as awful, and obummer is using them as his foot soldiers in the War against America. We're all being run into the ground by crooks, thieves, murderers, and their toadies. YUCK.

  2. Hi, AB. Sarah Palin gave the b****sds short shrift on Saturday!

  3. Will Hanningfield loose his pension...NO. Will he loose his title...NO. But a few weeks ago they were calling for rioters who stole a soft drink to loose their benefits.

  4. Exactly, Captain P. They wouldn't know what it's like to go thirsty!