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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Today Is Proof Positive Day.

Labour's Unfitness To Govern Writ Large.

"All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little turd."

There is no need to add to the resume, by Darling, on Snotty. There is a vague possibility that the blogging by many of the belief about Brown's evil awfulness and utter lack of fitness for Office, did help create an understanding of his despicable time in Government.

The biggest scandal of all, however, is how so many excrement stained morons supported the Nation wrecking, petulant bully and his fevered desire to do down our Country and its people. These cretinous and downright greedy individuals backed anything this monster decided to do. Billions of pounds have been wasted and the corruption of our very Government's once decent soul polluted, possibly for ever.

Compare this with this, both written in the same month. Note the thunderous broadside against any criticism of Snotty in the latter piece. When those doubts were mentioned by Labour people the full might of The Government, Goebbels machine, was fired. We were paying for these expensive cover ups. We still may never know the even darker side of Brown's behaviour and his very dubious Dunblane connections. That this criticism has surfaced today is, in itself amazing.

Yet in the midst of all this the big question remains. How did he/they get away with having a lunatic at the helm. It's little wonder we are all paying dearly for the failure to have this dreadful psychopath sectioned. Look at Lord Lardy Prescott. His reward, for this gargantuan mess and his intellectual and moral inability to save us from years of torture, is notoriety, wealth, privilege and celebrity.

We then look at the present Labour front bench. The Miliband brothers happy to back the deranged maniac. Harriet Harman, Ed "Blinky" Balls. No wonder he blinked all the time knowing full well a dangerous lunatic was in charge. Blinking but only thinking of his and Labours' status and future, not our Country's. 

CokEd is a Snotty placement and shows occasional worrying signs of his mentor's deluded idiocy. When you factor in The Trade Union Barons' happy acceptance of the madman in Number 10, you see ever more blatantly that Satan incarnate is OK to these bully boys as long as the rosette is red and yellow. Indeed it would appear that Labours' yellow addition to their standard banner of red is most apt. 

Of all the arses complicit in this governance of cover up and fear is Bliar. He pissed off with all the loose change, leaving someone in charge he knew full well to be a moronic imbecile. Again personal needs and agenda were paramount. He did of course have in his and Labours' pocket, Auntie. Just check this out! Two very different takes on the same event!

In the middle of all this chaos came the last election. Deep down The Nation knew our political class was "all in it together". Cover ups, such as Dr Kelly and many other scandals, have been nodded through by all the Party leaders. Our Civil Service was now moulded in the Alistair Campbell style of debauchery and aggressiveness, having learnt how to "operate" in a modern 24/7 media world of hype and deceit.

Well, today's revelations tell us much we already suspected. What is the real tragedy is that this legacy lives on. People are dying in wars completely unnecessary and probably illegal. Libya can be seen as a hypocritical volte face by our Government and their hidden advisers in the higher echelons of faceless but dangerous bureaucracy. Men and women happily and effortlessly switching perceived allegiance from one Political Puppet to another. 

All the time these shadowy people quietly manipulate circumstances to their own benefit and treat those of us peering in through the window with utter disdain. Not just in The UK but throughout the ghastly, corrupt despotic regime that is led by The European Commission. Brown's secrets were well used by The Americans and their friends in Europe to force us ever deeper into their required system.

Finally The Cobbleition. A simple imitation of the former Government of all the non-talents. A new, egotistic, PR guru at the top. He may not be as clinically insane as Snotty but give him time. He does seem to have put on the jacket of delusion and self interest very quickly.

My last thought, on all this, today. What on earth can be done to wrestle power back to the people? There's a huge mountain of intransigent, self-interested goons to knock over before we can even begin to talk of morality and decency. I'm not optimistic.


  1. This half witted, snot gobbling F-ing turd is almost as bad as the brown monster we're stuck with, OR.

  2. The problem is with this new bunch of idiots in charge nothing has or will change.

  3. I am absolutely unable to disagree one jot with either comment!

  4. Well said! What a bloody mess! They charge on, blind and deaf to anyone outside the bubble, with no semblance of decency or moral guidance. As always, it's the Poor Bloody Infantry (the "little people") left to pay the price.

    As to what can be done about it - there I'm stuck. Some sort of "English Spring" as per the Arab world? The problem is the powers that be in Britain, and in the "democratic" West generally, are more strongly in control of the levers of power than even Muammar Gaddafi was. And given enough bread and circuses of wall to wall Jeremy Kyle & Big Brother, Football and Slebs, the proles are deep, deep in slumber. Orwell wrote in 1984 that if there was salvation, it lay with the proles. The Powers that be seem to have got that one covered!

  5. While I can find little to argue about in your posting, there are a couple of points.
    Firstly, the morons you criticise were chosen by the voters. Moreover, they were chosen three times in a row with very large majorities. Of course those voters were the ones who reckoned that they personally were likely to benefit from the redistribution of wealth that Labour always offer, after all the feckless have the same vote as the most upright citizen, only there are a lot more of them.
    Secondly, it seems to me to be desirable that when a government has wilfully and neglectfully brought disaster on the whole people and country, that they should be brought to public trial. Certainly I believe that Blair and Brown should stand trial.

  6. Nick, thank you for dropping by and for your supporting comments. Anon, likewise. However your saying the cretins are chosen by voters I'm not too certain about. Propaganda and BBC bias, together with the "rosette syndrome" makes it hard to break through the grip of the three main parties.I'd like to see the vote earnt and ban those who have little idea how stupid they are!