Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

There are solutions.

Less Sodding Politics.

As the merry go round spins ever faster, threatening to throw us all off into oblivion, the obvious remains ignored. An example of arrogant stupidity is the sheer gaul of Pseudo Dave in lecturing the UN. As he swaggered over his deluded success in Libya, which still remains in turmoil, he totally ignored the limp wristed response to the martyrs in Syria. Frankly I suspect the eventual wrestling of their Country  back, through the heroism of their very own people, makes the Libyan, EU/NATO backed successes rather tainted.

I digress. As markets tumble, already decimated pension funds go ever lower and the good times can be seen as the daydreams of idiots and the nightmare of realists, the pathetic stupidity of politicians gets ever more apparent.

Corporations are cash rich. They are biding their time to assess the bottom, when they will grow even fatter as they buy nations, politicians and the rest of us for pennies. To prevent this there needs to be a revolution. One led by either the people or by somebody able to scream above the ridiculous cheering bellowed out by the very utter fools who got us here.

At the core of all this melt down is The EU. America backed this monolithic creation in the belief they would control it. It's protectionism was never factored in. Here is a taster of that elephant.  Markets function best on the natural laws of free trade. We want baubles, you have food. Simples.

Not simple when dressed up in political greed for power. Ironically that very greed has produced the impasse we are now at. Ergo, this ideology of political belief in their know all arrogance must be dismantled. So, firstly the Greeks must harness for themselves their greatest asset. Tourism and olives. Not kow tow to EU directives, expensive regulations and burgeoning, unaffordable bureaucracy, just to service their Brussels obligations.

Come on, get real. The EU soaks up billions or even trillions, some 20% disappears and is unaccountable. FOR OVER 16 YEARS!  Now there is a clue, you pathetic political, moronic back bottom depositories. Normal common sense pushes suppositories upwards to where they might offer relief! 

Forget the EU club for one moment. American banks, as well as European, have used their ability to launder the drug cartels' billions. Those cartels have decided they require a better exchange ratio. Therein lies yet another unmentionable scandal because the promissory notes to the cartels were bogus! The new run on the banks is led by the Manuels who now have our political establishments by the sexual organs. I suspect that the circumcision rituals are now being politely promised to all the men and women no longer able to "honour" the commitments made They will need their Shylock pay backs. So our leaders' fears are getting personal. A relatively quiet revolution  beckons.

Sadly, the outcome of the continuation of the Merkels, Camerons and Sarkozys and  EU/USA stalemate will be the total capitulation to the real power. Money. Held by whom? The cartels.

However, there is still hope. As The Syrian people continue their martyrdom, at some time in the future, their example will be followed by us. Either that or whole populations will be so spaced out on drugs as to beaver endlessly for an "upper" fix. Not for me, though. I'd rather be dead at the end of a murdering regime than suffer it's nastiness.