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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Most Disturbing Images Ever

So, it's the Labour Party Annual Cuntference in Liverpool, this week. And so what. Who really gives a shit, apart from the Unions that provide 85% of the Parliamentary Labour Party income.

No-one else does.

Ed Miliband. Leader? What the fuck's that all about. A wishy washy, union implanted, policy free twat that looks like he has down's syndrome. He ain't gonna be around much longer. Trust me.

Harriet Harman. Least said and then there's that blinky Balls fella. Deficit denier in chief and all around dirty lying bastard. He's the only one that really fucking winds me up at the moment. What the fuck is he still doing there. In fact, I popped over to that Comment is Free (but speech isn't), to ask that very question.

Result? I've now had my CiF account banned for what they called 'abuse'. I only called Ed Balls a cunt. How the fuck is that 'abuse'? I don't understand. Statement of fact, I reckon. Hmmm ... or maybe it was because one of their moderators finally noticed that 'Mike Litoris' was unlikely to be my real name.

That aside, I've been having a browse around some of the publicity pictures that have been coming out of the Lefty Labour Love-in In Liverpool ... and discovered two of the most frightening and down right fucking disturbing images, you will ever see.

How about coming up with some suitable captions?

Go on. You know you want to.

Gotty ;-)


  1. Ed Balls to Harriet:

    "Harriet luv, your breath smells like Millitwats cock" Go brush your teeth.

  2. "Yvette hasn't a clue what's going on between us."

    Applies to both pictures!

  3. Alright, it was me.
    For both.

  4. Gordon the rightful leader.27 September 2011 at 12:45

    Blinky to Harrietharperson.

    " Don't move darling. I think I've left my new rolex up there."

    Beaker to Blinky..

    "Ok Ed we've swilled your jizz enough already. My turn to shoot."

  5. Both: "Whose turn is it to wear the false teeth?

  6. Balls, pucker up, you putz's

    Hee hee, they are creepy.
    On RT news out here, they showed balls and milltwat walking around together like they were out on a date or something. Funny stuff.

  7. Harriet (whispering):

    "Unless you publicly praise all my policies, I'll squeeze Balls' balls even harder."

  8. Balls ... "Hattie, your breath still smells of last night's stale rug-muncher juice .. deal with it FFS" ..

    Balls .. "OK Ed, your twattish brother posed with a banana .. now I'm gonna show you where to stick it" ..

  9. Ed Balls winning the semi-final and final at the Annual Labour Party Flatulence Festival.

  10. Both - "You suck and I'll blow".