Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 2 September 2011

A Small Glimmer Of Light.

A Speech Long Overdue, Beautifully Crafted And Entirely Accurate.

Discussed here, and a taster such as this; "Mr Gove said requirements for teachers to record every instance when they have to physically restrain a child would be scrapped. The “arduous bureaucratic process” was at odds with the common sense which should underpin teaching,"

OK, time will tell if these words are just hot air. However watching Gove take on the chin the nasty and archetypal nastiness, beloved of the left, I will continue to admire at least one Cobbleition member able to deliver words and ideals such as these; "The Education Secretary said everything needed to be done to ensure that the message gets across that “teachers are there to be respected, listened to, obeyed”. 

Naturally the decades of left wing recruitment of ideologically biased but pathetic teachers, will take years to overcome. As will the hysterical NUT reaction to all things remotely sensible and understanding of human nature. 

The seed corn of our Nation has been liberally sprinkled with rat droppings from the Left. Comprehensive education is a manifestation of a disease ridden crop failure. Let's give thanks for these common sense initiatives and words, aimed at sifting the foul material still contaminating the barns inhabited by our kids. A crusade which is beyond those of the left and the Toynbee style, breathtaking, callous, evil hypocrisy that has brought us to our knees and threatens the total loss of our nation.

When despots take over their first priority is to silence any intelligentsia. Labour has done a good job there but so far without the iron fist held in reserve, I suspect. Give them time and back Gove for PM!


  1. Ancient + Tattered Airman2 September 2011 at 20:28

    PLEASE let it happen.

  2. "Ancient + Tattered Airman said...". You mean there's more than one!