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Friday, 9 September 2011

The Shame Of A Society Flawed.

Thrashing About With All But The Truth.

My only qualification for comment is decades of existence on this earth. Today the reported full horror and brutality meted out to an innocent man by British troops is appalling. As with the recent rioting, the authorities, headed by our despicable Parliament of lying, cheating crooked career politicians, will accept zero responsibility for the lack of quality and decency in our citizens of 2011.

Human nature is capable of greatness, kindness and decency. In our modern world of dog eat dog, those qualities are very much on the wane. I see this decline in the James Bulgier and Baby Peter ever growing frequency of sadistic killing. Of course these dreadful behavioral incidents have always been with us. Witness the "Jack the Ripper" murders. Yet we are supposedly a more enlightened, caring society, aren't we? 

Well, we are not. Decades have passed where social engineering, positive discrimination in education and the socialist, leftie dogma that we are force fed has failed. The lack of a supreme deterrent, (other than nuclear holocaust style), coupled with a total loss of discipline in classrooms, the wanton destruction of morality and family life, have all combined to serve a selfish lust for gratification at any price.

These factors discussed have been engineered. Political greed for power at any price allied to powerful, global conglomerates have bred a culture determined to blame no one for anything. The most glaring debauchery, drug enhanced behavior and absolute promiscuity are now the norm. Yet there is no guidance as to the consequences. Not just of poverty, illness and lives condemned to decades of misery after a few nights of partying but the legacy of this world we are polluting is one of decay and emptiness.

For all the problems of a repressed society which preceded the sixties, there were still set, in most peoples' minds, what constituted well being and genuine happiness. Rewards were plenty for polite and respectful, well educated youngsters. Marriage and family life were still aspirational goals worth pursuing. They still are but so much more difficult to ascertain and there is a sense of helplessness everywhere. One exploited by political careerists who blithely ignore, in their deluded and protected bubbles, that this is a society they engineered and fail dismally to accept culpability for. 

When these potentates of the political classes pontificate they know it all, dwell on this. If they are so bloody marvellous how come we are where we are? Why cannot Pseudo Cameron, Red Ed, Obama, Merkel,  any of them, realise it is they that are the problem, not us! People look to their peers and seek to emulate them. Therefore when seeking high office they should not only be squeaky clean but set an example to us all. Lying in manifestos, reneging on cast iron promises and touring the flesh pots of the world is not the way to go. People such as Mandleson who considers his depravities are somehow OK since he is so bloody special. A MSM which toes the line. Why? Because they gasp for crumbs from the stained tablecloth, covered tables.

So, the culmination of the decades of decline, since the second world war, is sadistic torture and brutality every bit as horrific as The Taliban or any other "enemy". Most of our soldiers fighting in that war were fighting exactly what we have become. Those most guilty are, or their families, now enjoying the fruits of their labour. Just as slave trader dynasties still do. Time for change? You bet it is.

                                                            With thanks to algking.

For Maggie substitute every PM since Churchill.


  1. Our ruling elite brigade sing their mantra we are all Fabians now ! they know things are going their way they can feel victory is within their grasp, it is so sad as those of our generation knew a different country where people lived their lives in a manner that you regularly describe our young are the new recruits to this ideology through the teaching they receive within the education system. It frustrates and saddens me to see us on this path .

  2. Jacobite, decades of decline will be hard to reverse but we must keep trying.

  3. Autonomy is supremacy to postmodern society, prefering the anarchy of the riots and rioters. Those that lack in self-government are at a loss of individual distinction.

  4. Mr M that's profound but I need more to grasp the thrust. Particularly having just watched "The Devil's Advocate".