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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Propaganda Learnt From Goebbels.

Blatant BBC Lying.

Winter 2010-11 from OR's gaffe!

"A rowing expedition has reached the 1996 location of the magnetic North Pole in a bid to highlight the effect of climate change in the region."  Meaningless lying twaddle as demolished  here.  Furthermore this goes unreported, reality bites.,  almost lying by omission. A baby faced teenager on that ghastly kids show, "BBC Breakfast" said that climate change is localised! FFS.

Just stop and think for one moment. Billions and billions are being wasted by the likes of hoon Huhne and his mates in The EU climate con trick of all time. Furthermore YOU and I are to pay all of this, hidden tax raising bollocks, through our fuel bills. With a strong probability of a very cold winter for three years in a row, many elderly and vulnerable are going to die. Yet all we'll do is carry on regardless. What will it take to protest seriously about all this political stupidity?


  1. I really worry about this year's bills because I'll have to dig even deeper into my small savings. No holiday this year because I'm not sure I can afford one and meet my commitments.

    The politicians all throw up their hands in horror at the increases when they're announced but do nothing.

    When are we going to realise it's government policies which have given suppliers the excuse to raise prices?

  2. Hi, Gorgeous. I see little chance of change without massive European wide protests.
    By the way I've had problems with this post. I suspect the spooks are having a boring morning!

  3. I wonder if the BBC will mention that story about the Swedish ice breaker being withdrawn from this years global warming trip due to too much ice in Sweden. No probably not lol. The science is settled according to auntie.

  4. Request to distribute this from nominadeus. Please spread the word:

    Attention please re Birkenhead Court arrests…
    Just this minute got news that Malcolm Massie - currently serving time having been wrongfully convicted of assaulting a cop during the Birkenhead event on 7th March - will be appearing at LIVERPOOL CROWN COURT! 10.30! TOMORROW at 10.30!!!! Please spread the word as far and wide as you can!!!
    [6:07:54 PM]


  5. Electricity supply is destined to become increasingly erratic, as well as much more expensive. We are to lose 22GW of coal-fired power in the next few years.
    ht/ EU Referendum.

  6. Shuggie, as far as The BBC are concerned the Swedish ship's movements just became top secret! David, I've tweeted for you re MM. Selsey Steve, you bet.