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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Not A Murmur.

From Our BBC And Media.

Propaganda through "cockin' a def 'un" is a new tactic in the armoury of our Government controlled media. Kosovo is bubbling over, as reported here. The Israelis are being obstinate and awkward, as ever, whilst the Libyan civilians in Sirte and Bani Walid are not to be given the same consideration shown to rebel towns under Gaddafi's attacks.

The pattern which emerges and probably applies to The EU debacle and economic matters, is one of selectivity. We are drip fed as little as possible in The UK but the internet now offers a far different menu. One that is significantly A La carte when compared to the soup and a bit of bread, condescendingly doled out from particularly The BBC but many of our political dwarfs and The EU itself.

No more is this apparent than Kosovo. Here an endemic population of Serbs, dating back many centuries, has been usurped, with The EUNATO forces playing a lead role in enforcing an Islamic Albanian led Government. A theme throughout Europe is Islamic take over good, everybody else to be classed as  Islamic phobics. 

These same double standards apply to the Libyan conflict, the support of, rotten to the core, Karzai in Afghanistan and  the shambolic mess bequeathed to Iraq. Never does our media bother to link these terrible consequences of intervention and meddling to the dire financial mess we are in. 

Of course, as I posted yesterday, since the real power in The World benefits from this mayhem, as it does the dreadful climate change scams about to hit, as the Northern Winter sets in, the politicians are the front men. As you listen to Calamity Clegg and Speedy Gonzalez Huhne, wax lyrical about how bloody wonderful they are, look closely and you will see the strings of their puppeteers. Not only that, you will see those strings covered in the blood of innocents from across the Planet. 

Look down and behind these ghastly poseurs that are our "permanent political classes" and you will also see the shackles at the ready, provided by The EU Commission, as part of our economic enslavement. Again the BBC and media will babble on regardless, the silent, unspoken truths quietly employed under a mask of breathless excitement. Such is that awful disease of the Chatterati. Silent propaganda.

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