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Sunday, 25 September 2011

My Thoughts On The Eurozone

When I say 'my thoughts', that's me, Gotty. OR has buggered off for a well deserved break in the sun and left me to conduct a little Grumpy Old Twattishness here, whilst he's tanning his arse. Oh, and just in case you haven't come across the Grumpy Old Twat before …and offensive, blunt, un-PC opinions aren't for you … then you may want to fuck off at this point and come back next week. When the other old bastard returns.

So, nothing much has changed with the Eurozone since I've been away, apart from the fact that it's getting a whole lot fucking worse than I thought was possible. Ever since that pant pissing, pill popping, global gonad gobbling, snot munching, mono eyed, unelected prime mentalist of a twat, signed that Lisbon Treaty, the knob rotting bellends of the European Union have continued to piss vast amounts of our cash up the fucking wall and into the wind. And when they're not doing doing that, they seem to be in a permanent state of 'short stroke' heaven as they continue to gang bang arse rape the sovereignty out of the UK. No protection. No lube.

But there's no need for us all to panic of course because David Cameron pledged to introduce a ‘referendum lock’, that will require a referendum on any new treaty which transfers powers from Britain to the EU. Oh, for fucking fuck's sake man! The Lisbon Treaty is perpetual. We're fucked. The EU don't need another twatting treaty. They can do what the hell they want. Stick your 'lock' up your airbrushed arse, Camermong. It's all bollocks … and you know it. Where's that EU Referendum with a cast-iron promise, that you made!


And as for that other slimy double crossing scumbag of a partner, in the bullshitting CamerLegg Cunnilition, he betrayed the UK, big time, right at the fucking start. Smeggy Clegg voted for the Unelected Gordoin Du Brun Lisbon Treaty, despite promising an EU Referendum in the preceding Liberal Demotwat manifesto.


However, the good news is the Euro is undeniably in a state of deep shit. The sooner that fucking collapses into the sewer of the EUSSR, the better. I don't know about anyone else but I'm sick and fucking tired with endless bailout loans and money printing. It's no wonder Rupert Murdoch closed the News Of The World … he's making more money printing money on the old presses, than he he ever did with hacking the phone of some non-clebrity or other that rather you didn't know they were into kinky sex. Probably.

Talking of which, where the fuck are the two shit stabbers that were the prime cause of this economic fuckwittery? Over on the BBC probably. Getting ready to launch 'Strictly Come Mincing With The Stars', where various sporting has-beens, soap-opera performers that nobody has fucking heard of and clapped-out politicians that no longer have troughing rights, will all be taught the dubious skills of the mince by a suitably renamed Gordoin Du Brun with Lord Felchbum of Fondleboys providing the music on his pink oboe.

Anyway, where was I before I went of on a tangent of twittery? Oh, yes. Euro bailouts.

Gideon 'double white lines' Osborne repeatedly tells us that we're not in the Euro … move along, nothing to worry about, nothing to see here … but that's bollocks of course. What the Chancer of the Exchequer doesn't tell you is that he's sending billions of pounds to the EU, via UK banks, to help prop up and bailout all the greedy fuckers that thought the Euro was such a brilliant idea. Germany and Greece? Part of the same economy? What 'breaking-a-brain-in-for-a-ferret' fucktard thought any part of that was a brilliant idea. For fuck's sake man! You're asking us all to save billions via government cuts, reduced wages, reduced pensions and increased taxes … for the next two fucking generations … just so you can bail out something that we don't even belong to.

Something that's fundamentally fucked anyway. Get a fucking grip you prick! You're throwing good money after bad. Our money. Via banks that we have had to bail out so that you can bail out the fucking French and German banks. And don't even talk to me about the Irish banks. That bunch of bollock brained, bog trotting, twats had a chance to vote themselves out of this shit. They didn't. What goes around comes around. So tell them to stop their fucking moaning and shut the fuck up.

But no. The cuntitative easing continues apace and today we learn that the European Union or Eurozone, or whatever the fuck else you want to call this collective cuntishness of NWO hemorrhoids, are about to throw another £1.7 Trillion at the problem. Where's the fucking sense in that! The Euro is doomed to fail. Let it fail. End the pointless cash pissing … that's what caused the bastard problem in the first place.

Bank bailouts = Stealing more of our cash to help cover all the cash that they've pissed away … which was our cash in the first fucking place!

And on that note, I'll leave you with one final piece of fuckwitteryness that's reached my attention today: 2,000 officials in Brussels, earning between £104,000 and £185,000 a year, are about to pass changes to a flexitime scheme which will allow then to 3 months off year. On full pay, of course.

Give me fucking strength.

* I'm off for a lie down then industrial quantities of red wine *

Back tomorrow.

Gotty ;-)


  1. Welcome back. Always did like your thoughtful and measured analysis

    1. Say what you mean man - dont hold back . Fed up with you sitting on the fence

  2. Fine, and all that shit ... But do you like them???

    Mad Morgan

  3. Welcome back ya old bugger. The eurozone won't go down as the cameroid won't let it, he says it is in Britains interests to keep it alive...the cunt!

    BTW the EU has came out with a new directive and as from the 17th of November this year all cigarettes must be fire safe. They put chemical bands in the ciggy to make them go out so you either have to keep puffing or keep getting your lighter out.

    It has been well documented since 2004, when New York brought this shit into law there, that smokers have been falling ill after smoking them.

    I have written about this on the F2C blog.

  4. Amid the gentle scents and subdued pastel colours of Autumn, Mrs OR passed serenely from one horticultural masterpiece to the next, her masterful hands conjuring colour where before there were only shades of grey. Of a sudden, she bethought to herself, "I wonder what Mr OR's stand-in has decided to share with us this forenoon?"...

    Her fingers blurred effortlessly over the keyboard and she read the words before her.............

  5. What a pleasant change from OR's measured tone.

    I think that this post explains exactly why our continental cousins so fear the good old Anglo-Saxon language.

    Well said.

  6. Hi Gotty! Epic rant. I'm not even part of it, but I hate the EU, they are a cancer that rots the whole world.

    That pic is great lst I thought "what are all those kitteh's doing there?" But then I figured it out, Fat cats! BWaaahaaaaa, Brilliant.

  7. Well said indeed Gotty .. great to see another of your all too rare appearances ..

  8. Gotty! Welcome home and well said. How wonderful to see you back in all your sweary glory. Bang on the button too.

  9. Your turn of phrase is as eloquent as ever, Gotty, welcome back, mate, great to see you here again. ;-)

  10. You'll like this...

    An irishman and a greek man goes for a drink.
    Guess who's paying?
    The British.......,