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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The mantra of Deceit.

Huhne Excels His Hooness.

Qualifications for office. So typical. Well educated but still thick as two short bits of wood. Use of several names to determine which hat he's wearing. Christopher Murray Paul-Huhne. Mostly the double barrel is dropped to be a "man of the people". In reality a socialist but the background hindered progress with the boyos and the charm of smarmy Bliar non-existent. His arrogance, suspicious connections to alternative energy companies round off the list of aptitude. Not forgetting a complete disdain for those poorer than himself and the devastating effects on our lives his overbearing ambition and selfishness entails. A similar disdain for criminal motoring offences and truth, which he looks likely to have arranged to be conveniently set aside.

So we can readily identify this supreme being's utter fitness to rule over us. So when he tells us and trumpets over the airwaves he's going to make switching energy supplier easier he triumphs in his idiotic lunacy. Anybody already unable to do this simple task of switching for a few weeks, whilst a new bunch of energy crooks hike their prices, won't find "I'm all right Jack" Huhne's blathering nonsense any help.

Now what the outrageous, pompous prat could do is embrace real scientific substance and own up to the climate change scam. One very lucrative to himself personally. An EU diktat he is charged with wafting past the gullible UK populace for which his bosses in Brussels will show lucrative gratitude. Assuming they can borrow enough dosh to give the hoon. Mind you, the hidden hundreds of pounds of energy bill levy he is happy to ignore, (won't bother his ability to heat his lezza's love nest) will go a long way to enrich Huhne.

So there you have it. An exquisite example of the modern day politician. A useless shit but so entrenched and comfortable on his birth given gravy train connections he has an unassailable position of minor power but one well able to kill thousands of pensioners this coming winter. A winter looking to rank amongst the coldest in history. I use "hoon" out of a sense of sensitivity. Also I wouldn't wish to taint the femininity of the actual word "hoon" replaces but it's tempting to use utter profanity where such ghastly creations are concerned.


  1. Yes a vile creature. 7 houses and a nice job in Brussels lined up when he retires.
    The CPS are taking an awful long time to look at his case. Which means he's getting off with the speeding fraud.
    A Huhne of the highest order.

  2. The truth is all 650 of these crooks sickens me the have sold us down the river to the EU.They only care for themselves and how much they can line their pockets.Tell me is there one of them you could respect?

  3. He is the vilest of the vile, he wants to make it easier for us little people to switch suppliers like we are all thick, meanwhile the cartels jack up the prices with impunity and he skims of the top.

  4. george, who needs seven houses. Some austerity that. Captain P, there must be a couple or so, surely? Maybe Philip Dunne? Jacobite, he is a star in cartel circles.

  5. I agree with Captain Peacock. Any decent MP in Parliament would be tearing the place apart by now.

  6. Sadly, you're probably right, Michael.