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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lunacy, Part 2.

The EU Cabal.

1. A conservative estimate of annual expenditure, Euro 173 BILLION.  ref.  To spend on unnecessary bureaucracy, debt and corruption easily done by individual states alone. Ergo, saving expensive salaries,   

2. "EU bailout fund road to hell."  Eloquent summary . That hell is a monetary nuclear weapon for a Dictatorship of un-elected bankers and political despots. Their hand on your genitals, basically.

3. If at first they don't succeed.......................debated here.  As if more evidence of the undemocratic nightmare unfolding were needed.

4. Modern life and particularly politics, never handles the truth well. For instance UK election manifestos. So if we are told The Federal European State is a worthy project and millions are spent on propaganda, what do you think? Total lunacy at work.  

5. "The Euro Should Not Exist"  Experts ignored is yet another sign of lunacy. More here.

6. It's a master plan to control vast wealth created by people for a disparate, deluded, perverted, greedy, arrogant superiority complex gang. No austerity for these "insiders" is there?

7. If we measure political failure through the likes of Bliar, Brown, Van Rompuy and the daily treachery of Cameron and his ilk, the careerists from The EU such as Huhne and Clegg, we see a pattern emerging. That pattern is their dogged adherence to policies only they will benefit from. Here the lunacy is transferred to the populations of the EU states. Once proud nations brought to their knees and accepting it, as did the people below, without a murmur. Only a concerted protest sweeping every major city throughout this asylum of dictatorship can put an end to it. 

Compare and contrast these images.

It's a very short step between each occasion, sanity and lunacy.


  1. It is total lunacy, and very barbaric, OR.
    Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and it looks like that's what's coming.

  2. AB, so very true. Our Bliar once said history was bunkum. The "buzz" word over here for ignoring history is "progressive".

  3. A bunch of supposed Christians -- in America especially -- think the second coming is closer due to your monetary problems and hemispheric merge.

  4. I suspect were that to happen we would be found just as wanting as 2011 years ago, Mr M.

  5. Cameron has just said again that we're in Europe and we've got to make it work.

    Why? Why have we got to make it work? Because a corrupt PR man says so? I just feel sick.

  6. Nope, Michael, because another greedy shit thinks he's the first real EU El Presidente. They promised him but my money's still on Bliar.