Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

It Would Be Funny.................

If It Weren't So Damaging.

Sometimes the behaviour of The EU "leaders", bankers and bureaucrats combined, leave me virtually speechless. As an aid to realising what's really going on I looked for something to assist.

In the clips above there are plenty of clues as to how it might appear, if we could see all the comings and goings for what they are.

The opening clip might be Van Rompuy demonstrating his obvious talent for delusion. The next clip might be regarded as a snapshot of how forcing different nations and their socio-economic variables together works in reality! Quickly followed by The German Economy rightly refusing to have it's inner tube torn out by Commission President. Barroso before racing away.

Next David Cameron attempting his own repairs on an EU vehicle very much wishing to go it's own way, only to fail after his EU mechanic's shoddy work. Are you still with me? The next scene is the ECB loading the "Greek economy",  with the inevitable crash despite being chased hard to stay in The Euro Zone.

From here we proceed to when The Euro meets the rest of the World's horse drawn economies driven by Obama. This before another brief visit to The UK's justifiable reluctance to being dragged along by all this but given little choice by the vehicle of dogmatic self-interest borne of political and Establishment greed.

We are then treated to a glimpse of the future. The re-jigged, cut and shut Europe is rolled out for a final run. All it's people are piled into the back of the car as it starts off, only to discover the engine belongs elsewhere, leaving them stranded and unwanted. The driver might be any one of the blind fools who dreamt up the Federal nightmare. One that was meant to be a Utopian dream of largesse, power and wealth for a few upper echelon despots and nepotistic dictators.

Next we see a more imaginative approach as to how to proceed. Treat the world of trade and business as a magnet. Seek out the best way to travel and be always alert to new opportunities. Small is beautiful, quickly adaptable and capable of doing business with anyone, anywhere, any time. The fewer rules of the road, the less dictatorial the regulations the easier the ride. In fact not only easier but a great deal more fun.

The sequence then brings us back to reality and closes with a huge brute of a bully dealing with what he sees as a recalcitrant population. Heave them all out of the way, The EU will happen, even if it takes physical force to ensure their right to freedom is not allowed to be parked in a space reserved for the elite!

Hope there's a smile in there for someone!


  1. Note that none of these EU Commissioners have been voted by anybody in the EU. Van Rompuy and Barroso were appointed by 27 votes, EU Democracy at work no way will the people ever get a say in anything that's how its set up.

  2. It's difficult to smile about such a serious situation. I find it so hard to believe that our leaders are so stupid unles of course they are corrupt. That couldn't be possible, could it?

  3. Tonyb, thanks for popping by. I think that our leaders are arrogant and this makes them unable to see the corruption which envelops them. Think of Huhne's speeding points as one small example.