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Monday, 5 September 2011

Is There A Connection?

The Gaddafi  "Special Relationship" 
And Other Conspiracies. 

Written here is the full horror of how we are treated as a people. I make no apology for linking this very week's revelations over Libya to the clip above. Lefties and snob ridden political careerists scoff at such analogy. All I ask is that anyone reading this blog stop for just one moment and ask "If we are so duped and blind to our Nations' political masters and those complicit, how can we be sure the evil of Nazi rule cannot easily be repeated?".

From the seemingly benign deceit of Heath's lies over Europe to the bold and blatant lies of Labour over rendition and Libya, we just cannot be sure what depths of depravity lie elsewhere. For example how do so many of these smiling PR goons become so wealthy so quickly? Lord Kiddyfiddler and £8 million pounds of London crash pad, Bliar and his untold wealth, to name but two.

What really happened to Dr Kelly as to be kept so firmly under wraps? Compared to to MI6, happily competing with The CIA to see who could get the most senior anti-Gaddafi protester tortured, Dr Kelly's possible execution is of nothing to these people.

So don't snigger and laugh at my comparisons with the horrors above. The behavior we are unintentionally privy to today is only different in scale, as far as we know, to legendary slaughter by Stalin, Mao tse tung,  Poll Pot and Premiership league of evil, champion, Hitler.

The secrets closeted in the corridors of Brussels, dusted down from their previous stations in Westminster and Washington, are still mainly hidden. I suspect that many of those shadowy agreements and actions will be even more in tune with the holocaust than we naively imagine. After all, the millions of Europeans and Americans who are poor, disadvantaged and of little use to the high and mighty unless productive, will require some kind of solution. A final one, probably, since we are advised the ends really do justify the means.

I rest my case.


  1. 'There' not 'their'.

    In other news did you read that about our Tony OR ? Godfather to one of Murdoch's kids. He went to the baptism in Jordan ( hosted by the Queen of Jordan) dressed in white. Suzy Wong. Rupe's wife and bodyguard is spilling the beans in some article in The Telegraph ( think it was taken from Vanity fair originally).
    Maybe that's why Tony seems to be posted missing during the Murdoch scandals.

  2. Thank you for the "their" correction, George. I'm getting dyslexic about these words!
    As for Bliar's wedding guest appearance and Godfather sign up, he probably got paid for both.

  3. Re the UTube clip.
    Did anyone read where Libya was going to withdraw its money from French banks and send it to China. That they were also pulling out of a deal to by French fighter aircraft. This put the wind up Sarkozy who look around for some fool to support him Cameron was that man.

  4. Anonymous,03:15, thanks for the comment and heads up. It does rather fit the "Maxim gun" theme of some of my posts over the years. That is that the NWO cabal happily arm all sides in conflicts throughout the world. Many of our MPs are "arms" consultants.