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Saturday, 3 September 2011

I Couldn't Sleep last Night.

As The Thunderous Clap Of  Jackboots To Attention Thundered Out.

The European Stability mechanism has rightly received stark warnings to us all as to what is happening. That The UK is not yet a signatory is only a matter of time. All our Westminster Privy Councilors are in the know and in agreement. The pathetic posturing, for public consumption, is just theatre masking the behind the scenes machinations. Schemes and subterfuge which began with the treacherous Civil Servants' siren voices in Heath's sea faring lugs. 

Why does it cause me sleepless nights. For starters the theft of middle class savings to help diminish their strength is one. Next will be the forced labour of all groups, including the elderly and the young. It will all be for the good of the European Fatherland. 

We are watching, in 3D, HD and Technicolor  magnificence, the rise of a Fourth Reich. An ESM elite of un- elected despots, creating, as did Hitler, total immunity from prosecution regardless of their activities. 

Is this economic collapse that terrible for this cadre? Are the very architects from the disgraced financial institutions not every bit as secure and rich as before the dark days of 2007-8? Are not their political allies, fronted by an Axis of Germany  and France, in the guise of Merkin and Dwarfey, more powerful than before the billions stolen from us poor schmucks? 

Now as the peasants wake up to see the wasteland their internment camps occupy, literally and physically, there just might be uproar. A determination not to accept the invitation for a communal shower. So "they" will  need to use a degree of physical coercion. No problems, the YouTube clip is evidence of that little logistic already in hand. If that's not cause for discomfort and sleeplessness, I don't know what is.

You might care to contrast the above film with this. Is that Sarkozy with the tache?


  1. I feel quite sick.

  2. I used to think Britain had been designated the off-shore gulag for undesirables - now I'm sure.