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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fair Warning.

Oldrightie's Feeling His Age!

As the weekend begins, after yet another week of powerful shows and displays of sheer incompetence, arrogance and delusion, by the World's useless leaders, OR has to have a break to avoid a nervous one!

Goodnight Vienna at Calling England, highlights despair at the powerful grip on propaganda and soporific control over The British people. Only self interest and copy cat greed seems to stir them. Witness The Civil Service strikes planned. Not only in the UK but the cushioned, mollycoddled do nothing jobs in Brussels.

The only glimmer of hope (as our savings, hopes and dreams are blown away in the vanity and hubris of the EU political Light Brigade, minus the courage and duty, charging  into the guns of exploding economic batteries) is that they too, are blown apart and this EU nightmare meets its inevitable end.

In this vein, I leave blogging for a few days. Grumpy Old Twat is kindly making a brief return, to remind us all how invective really should be handled. I hope I shall be missed but that Gotty will reinvigorate us all. His last visit must have woken quite a few up!

To close, I shall be back and hopefully sufficiently rested to carry on trying to prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, how awful our Parliament is, under the suffocating pillow of The EU bolster. When, oh when will somebody rise up and start the revolution?

Over to you, Gotty!!


  1. If he's out of practice, he may begin as Mellowed Old(er) Curmudgeon!

  2. Joe, I couldn't possibly comment!

  3. Bonnes vacances!