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Thursday, 22 September 2011

The England That Made Great Britain Great!

A Diary Day Out!

Picture from this wonderful site.

Oldrightie treated Mrs OR to a special day out, yesterday. The sun shone more than it did not, the journey through the English countryside was lovely and the destination was the heart of The Cotswolds. I shall indulge myself and tell you about it.

The old archetypal stone manor house was beautiful but the real reason for the visit and treat for Mrs Or was, go on guess.......................! Spot on, the garden! 

Rosemary Verey's book, "Making Of  A Garden" is one of Mrs OR's favourites so the sojourn was that little bit special. The garden was exquisite though smaller than anticipated. Nevertheless dear to my darling's heart and she was so happy.

Additional to the horticultural delight was an equally exquisite lunch. Yet for both of us the extra special huge icing layer on the cake, (no marzipan either!) were our serendipitous lunch companions. How I wish I had been able to listen and debate for longer, with two of the most quintessentially iconic and elite  people I have ever met.

! use the word elite in it's true form. That is a combination of compassionate but realistic humanity. A couple locked in such closeness only the years together, beyond the vagaries of youth and dalliance, can create. When the transient nature of modern relationships, encouraged and revered by our shallow, consumer driven age of self, are compared to the sweet joy of growing old with your closest friend, the significant, central problem of our Global existence is obvious. Selfishness, lack of moral fibre and greed are all part of the rotten fruit we now suffer the windfalls of.

Mrs OR and myself arrived at a vacant table set for four. Soon a politely enquiring, handsome couple, possibly a little older than this Oldrightie, sought to join us, "Were the two remaining places available?" they so charmingly enquired. I hope my immediate pleasure at having company was apparent, since my first reaction was that they had to be as keen on gardening as Mrs OR and she might enjoy that ambience virtually all true lovers of God's kingdom here on Earth have to offer.

Little did I realise our companions were to be of the nature this Oldrightie had so much to learn and enjoy from, through the luncheon. Polite conversation and pleasantry gave way to a burgeoning realisation that we were in the company of very special people and I feel most privileged to have had such good fortune.

I do wish I had been able to have taped our conversations but I will cut to the chase. I expressed a despairing opinion of our modern day politics, never can help myself! Only to learn that our lunch was being shared with a retired but once active member of The House Of Lords. He related to me briefly and modestly how, as a sitting Bishop, he had been one of a handful in the Lords, at the time, prepared to question Bliar's lack of any clothing to match his Empirical ambitions.

This led to a mention of their having watched a programme the previous evening about Sandhurst Cadets. Since we had also watched this documentary, if that's what it was, we all shared how utterly appalled we had been about the dreadful language and behaviour of all involved.

The Right Reverend had himself been a Sandhurst graduate and I then realised that  he might have had a passing acquaintanceship with a friend and neighbour of Oldrightie's, a retired Colonel, who had shared the same intake with The Bishop. Such coincidences our lives can engender! Indeed when I mentioned all this to my Colonel neighbour he did recall meeting the Bishop, in 2003, at an Army reunion!

What I wish to claim for my blogging persona is this. Here were a generation together with mine who knew,   remember and enjoyed all that was good about our Country, in the two decades after the second World War. It was these years that rebuilt the nation and created the foundations for a better, fairer future, conserving all that was excellent and worked, whilst addressing many of the inequalities and deprivations that existed over many years prior to the conflict.

Sadly, comprehensive education, the carelessness of left wing ideology and the arrogance of misguided Trade Unionism hi-jacked what might have been a true socialist revolution. That conservative socialism is a possibility, as a political philosophy, is perfectly reasonable to believe. One where great wealth nurtures the nation and society that bred that good fortune. A nation where governance is about managing resources not squandering and plundering them in a gigantic binge of bureaucratic, bloating incompetence.

We were not wishing for the dismantling of our immigrant dominated Country. That's too late. However a move towards taking back all that was once very, very good and re-building the kind of society that once worked so very well could always be done. Christian values are unassailable in their teaching of how humans can and should live and work together. 

Regardless of all the soup of despair our world and it's material greed has become and as we face terrible economic collapse, somebody should go down the old fashioned route of self self-sufficiency and reliance. I was mocked a few months back when declaring how badly globalisation has performed. Well, I wasn't wrong, was I? We need change and conservatism and we still have a generation well able to help mend a lot of broken ideals. We will not have these special people very much longer. 

We need twenty years of these wise elders in power or at least listened to, not the products of today's damaged  schools and once excellent academias like Sandhurst and even a discredited Eton. So wet behind the ears they never dry out. Well, not quickly enough to avoid threatening us all and generations to come!

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  1. And a wonderful day was had by all. Such days restore faith in human kind.

    As for the Sandhurst programme - I won't call it a documentary because that would elevate it to a undeserved status.

    I asked someone I know well to watch it on iPlayer (because they'd missed the actual broadcast). The person's opinion is not printable and that is from someone who passed through the hallowed gates a mere 15 years ago.

    I have little doubt that their opinion will be voiced in the corridors of the gold braided and a few heads may roll for permitting such a soap opera to be broadcast.

    Now I must find a garden which will interest my own under-gardener before the main 6 month chore of leaf clearing becomes apparent.

  2. Many thanks for the response, Subrosa. I used to believe the Military I knew would have made a wonderful interim Government to replace the shambles we have today. Sadly even they have been nobbled.

  3. What a lovely day you and Mrs. OR had! Rightie!
    It's amazing what nice people sometimes cross our paths. You were really lucky to have met such charming people.

    It is horribly sad how things have gone so wrong in not that many years, thanks to liebour! I hope you all find a way to recapture at least some of the glorious years.

    Thanks for relating your fun day. It was a beautiful day to be in a garden yesterday here to, or walk around and admire the nice little yards in the neighborhoods. Not many good days like that left, can't believe tomorrow starts Fall ;-(

  4. AB, your kind comments are as rewarding as the day itself, thank you.

  5. the shire of gloucester the beating heart of england.a beautiful county. I love the place it radiates all that was once good about england.

  6. It is exceedingly posh, Jacobite. Mrs OR calls it a tidy Marches!

  7. OR, I love your blog but stay away cos' it upsets me when truth goes unanswered. This however moved me to comment. Such posting and hard work is worthy of a much higher placing than 44! You'll get my vote next year, well done!

  8. I'm only really happy when I can get to Cornwall once a year.

  9. Michael, we live in a beautiful country. Be it Scotland, The Lakes, The South West, Wales, wherever. Well, for the time being!