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Monday, 26 September 2011

The BBC And The Common Era

So, what the fuck is all this 'common era' bollocks all about then … or the term 'before common era', for that matter. Well, we decided to send the Grumpy Old Twatagraph Social Affairs reporter, Dickie Head, to find out … 'what the fuck's this all about?'

Rather unusually, the BBC is facing a backlash from it's own self-serving, up-their-own-arses 'star' presenters over suggestions that they should start using the 'religiously neutral' terms, 'common era' and 'before common era', instead of the more traditional terms 'Anno Domini' and 'Before Christ', to avoid causing offence to the ragheads. The proposal has caused some consternation among some of the corporation’s most famous names, who told the BBC that they could "stick this latest piece of PC fuckwittery up their arses".

James 'I never said the word cunt live on air that time' Naughtie, the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, said live on air : "Nobody has suggested this to me yet, and if they do, I will be telling the cunts to go and do one … fuck the fuck off!". His fellow Today presenter, John 'coffin dodger' Humphrys, said he did not see “a problem” with using AC and DC, as the terms were “clearly understood” by the raving LGBT BBC audience. He obviously didn't listen to the question properly.


During his regular Sunday morning, political lefty lickspittle love-in programme on BBC1, Andrew Marr said that the BBC Islamification Steering Group could "stick this latest piece of PC fuckwittery up their arses, for all I care. I'm too busy doing DNA tests on illegitimate children, to give a fuck."

Boris Johnson, the Wayward Hair Mayor of London, who recently presented a BBC television documentary on 'How To Have Sex With As Many Fit Fillys As Possible During The 2012 Olympics', said "Like most things that relate to 'common', I don’t know what the ‘common era’ is. What the fuck are those wankers on about. Don't you know I went to Eton, you bleddy oik!" Jeremy Paxman issued a one-word statement, via his Diversity Press Officer, which simply said "Arseholes!".

A statement from the BBC's religious and ethics department said: “As the BBC is committed to islamification it is appropriate that we use terms that do not offend or alienate muzzies, pakis and turbanheads. In line with modern practice, BCE/CE (Before Common Era/Common Era) are to be used as a neutral alternative to white, middle class, Christian and indigenous.” 

The BBC have denied that it was now their official left wing puppet masters policy for producers to adopt the “neutral” terms. A spokesmanwomantransgenderperson for the corporation said individual programmes were free to choose which terms were used. However, if they didn't choose the 'right terms' they would be publicly flogged … and stoned … and shit.

The BBC. Only possible by the way it is uniquely funded by fucktards that continue to pay the Telly Tax.

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  1. No doubt Rowan Williams, that supporter of Sharia Courts for the UK will now get his comeuppance.

  2. This is hardly surprising considering the BBC religion website is run by one Aaqil Ahmed - I think it fair to assume he isn't of the Christian persuasion...

  3. microdave is correct look at who heads the BBC Religious dept Aaqil Ahmed would a Christian be appointed in a Muslim country in any office involving religion. Bet he's involved in this latest nonsense.

  4. Moslems, Japanese Indians and whoever are quite welcome to borrow our calender if it helps them to fit in but bollox to fucking around with it for their sake.

  5. Fuck the BBC .. and all who sail in her ..

  6. Woo-hooo!! Go, Grumpster! :-D