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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Another David Cameron Fail

The UK economy is fucked. The cunnilition continues to spend more than it's getting in from the taxpayer. Westminster remains littered with MPs, nobles and mock nobles that are, quite frankly, fucking corrupt. That's despite all the promises to clean up their act. We're still fighting pointless wars where the lives and well-being of our rapidly depleting Armed Forces are being sold down the river of greed, for a barrel or two of oil. Kids still leave school not being able to read or write to a basic standard and the ranks of benefit scrounging chav scum continue to swell. Hospitals are short of cash. Bird chopping windmills continue to blight the horizon of our landscapes and coastlines, without any benefit except to the wankers that get paid to put the things up. Regardless of whether they generate electricity or not. Immigrants continue to flood into the country, taking the piss, taking the lives of the indigenous, and taking our jobs.

So ... with all this fuckwittery going on around us, what the fuck do you think that twat David Cameron is worried about today?

Yes, plastic fucking bastard bags.

We are soooo fucked.

Gotty ;-)


  1. Banning shops from providing bags solves nothing. We (and I suspect many others) use them in our kitchen waste bin rather than have the wheely bin completely gunged up. If we can't use those we will have to buy a roll of purpose made bags instead.

    And why blame the shoppers for all the bags polluting the environment - most of those have escaped from landfill or offshore dumping. We pay a fortune in taxes for waste disposal, let the councils and their contractors sort their act out...

  2. Think I can feel a song coming on, Gotty. Sorry ;)

    C – you’re so culpable
    U – you’re unlovable
    N – you’re a numpty full of wank
    T – you’re a tosspot

    It’s fun to wander through,
    The alphabet with you,
    To tell you what you mean to us....

  3. Fuck me!

    I'm so glad call-me Dave is at the cutting edge of the troubles we face in this society.

  4. What is it with Tories and plastic bags?