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Friday, 16 September 2011

Alive And Thriving.

Such Immoral Ignorance Dictated By Expedience.

Western Morality?

This discussion rarely happens in our MSM any more, as their cosy relationship with the "permanent political class" remains fuelled by privileged but expensive invitations to the top table's crumbs.

I spent weeks last year researching those individuals and corporations that form the Maxim Gun club. As you might expect there were many very recognisable names but the one that dominates them all is that of Rothschild.

It is a conundrum how comfortable lives happily rely on their arms manufacturing supremacy to maintain a grip on their elitist positions of global wealth superiority. It's a little rich for Russia to claim moral high ground when we look back, over decades, to their efforts in this field. A field in which they are becoming an ever greater power.

For we "little" people questions of decency and morality are scorned by Privy Councillors. Just regard Cameron's photo call in Libya to see that public face of immorality and disregard etched in his ghastly, Bliar like grin. The latter the far superior actor, who developed a subservient humility of expression that is beyond this Cameron's arrogance.

It is quite remarkable how, despite stupid bankers and an austerity of significant and frightening scale, the arms industry marches on oblivious to economic woes. Of course their raison d'etre works well if conflict of whatever source cries out for arms. Remember the Maxim Gun Syndrome is the success to be gained financially in backing both sides.

There are fears growing for Kosovo once more. Syria is sucking in weapons , again for both sides. Gaddafi's resistance is not totally broken. Handy that, since he must be in need of replacement weapons knocked out by NATO. An unintended pun there. 

As for that insatiable appetite for death and guns, Afghanistan, why hasten an end to that miserable conflict? Sure it's screwing the lower orders as their taxes are drained in a torrent of cash poured into the coffers of the arms industry, happily supplying The Taliban. A force funded by protection rackets and deals operated from an office in Kabul. Probably staffed by Karzai's second cousins. His first cousins upwards probably don't get out of bed for less than a billion bucks a day of our borrowed money!

To sum up. Sarah Palin spoke of "permanent politics",  which are probably once removed from the arms barons' above. Guys who are really beyond the law and whose clients will include drug as well as war lords. Any uprisings against dictators, despots, AGW fanatics and so forth are yet more production outlet for our Maxim gun suppliers. 

We are therefore left with an enormous need to create bloodless revolutions. That is probably, given human nature, impossible. Mind you the upcoming Trade Union strikes would be interesting if they were protesting against the industries who deep down fund their wages and pensions!

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