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Sunday, 11 September 2011


Ten Years On.

For me the most iconic image of 9/11.

A late post this morning after  Church . A thought provoking and excellent service calling on us to have some degree of forgiveness towards those perpetrating 9/11.

Ten years ago I would have walked out. Today, in the debate, I volunteered that I have more compassion for those people than the movers and shakers and our Western response. That's not hindsight, it was staring us all in the face and we ignored it.

The anger and frustration these "terrorists" felt was that no one at the top of the food chain gave a flying f**k for those less lucky. If we consider Subrosa's excellent post on this,  were these the targets?  I strongly feel they were and a modicum of success was therefore achieved.

The sadness is that Bush/Bliar and their advisers' response was so utterly poor. Not for one moment was their consideration focused on what have we done to deserve this. Ten years on that is still far from their minds. 

Our movers and shakers are unscathed whilst stitching up deals  to buy and sell corpses and fund ever greater profits. Meanwhile the "little" people continue to bear the brunt of our own leaders' atrocities and failure to be decent, incorruptible , proper leaders.

Add to the list of culpable individuals the pathetic Trades Union movements. Every bit as luxuriously rewarded and comfortable as the top echelon they only wish to replace with themselves. We have so little common purpose as ordinary human beings. The only real honesty of decent people that seems to matter is whether they toe the line and propaganda fed them or not.

I would rather get back into an Airbus cockpit and die than do as I am commanded by a discredited and terrorist establishment.

To all those affected by this terrible tragedy, I pray for solace and comfort. For myself, I must confess to God, I cannot forgive those who would rule over us with so little qualification for doing so.


  1. Of many great posts today, OR, a deep one.

  2. Although the jihadists didn't manage any attacks on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, thanks to the vigilance the security agencies, we can expect they'll try again in the run up to Christmas. Jihadists hate Christmas and want to make it a time of suffering for the infidels.

  3. Thank you anon. "Jihadists hate Christmas" ergo a good reason for celebrating Christmas!

  4. Thank you for this post, OR.
    I will never forgive or forget what happened.

    It's horrible that your gov't seems to be enabling them. I hope you can get some proper people elected that will start to stem the tide of this barbarism.