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Sunday, 21 August 2011

When It's Good....

To Say I Told You So.

Borrowing money to pee up a wall is the politicians favourite pastime. Back in 2008 they did just that by using future generations' earnings, to borrow against, to save a corrupt, too big to fail, global system. One which benefits very few people. The stupidity of entrusting our present economic well being, as well as the future, to the very gangsters and their associates in power, who got us into this mess, is very apparent, in just under three years.
My and others' argument, back then, was it should have gone to people trapped by these greedy corporations, insurance fraudster annuity marketeers and so forth. It should have gone to individuals led into debt by the ease and the smooth talking of the Corporate foot soldiers on commission. I was not alone in thinking such ideas, of course
Now it is being seriously considered here. I would go further and throw in certain levels of credit card debt. Possibly an interest rebate, leaving capital alone to be repaid.
Now I realise many undeserving would benefit. You can argue that fecklessness became endemic but rules governing mortgage borrowing were deregulated to create unsustainable bubbles. Holidays and cars bought with loans against properties were madness. It was, particularly under Labour, done for political gain. No more boom and bust, remember!

So as the German-Franco axis seeks more powers and control, to bail out their flawed EU federal plans, think of the advantages that a careful easing of personal difficulties of millions would be. Banks could be mutualised and owned by their newly enriched customers, where necessary. The euro and The EU could be sacrificed and countries left to manage their peculiar needs with populations able to fund carefully their own recoveries.

With regard to mortgage forgiveness, I proffer this. There was a time when a mortgage, to buy and have a shelter, was a respected and good thing to do. It became tainted and less well thought of when it was hijacked for the personal gain of greedy speculators and governments. We only need to consider where the 2007/08 crisis, in which we are still drowning, began. A de-mutualised Northern Rock. 

I doubt many in power will embrace this solution, unless forced to by a total collapse of the current system. A broad based solution that damages the super rich and their henchmen, in favour of Joe Public, will be impossible. Impossible, purely because of the grip on our powerful elite, held by the drug cartels, arms industry barons and global corporations. The pathetic mumbling by Bliar and Pseudo Dave will be farts in a colander value, to us as a nation. One idiot says we are not a "broken society" as he counts his millions, the other wrings his hands, promises the Earth and freedom from The European Yoke, whilst quietly building an ever greater Gulag for the little people.

We are a broken Western Culture and we all know who caused the most damage, don't we?

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