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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Those Jackboots Are getting Ever Louder.

What A Piece Of Genitalia.

They may be red  but still have the stamp of authority and undemocratic, gestapo style about them. This so called Government will ban going to the bog without permission, before long.

Of course the real reason is that they are running scared. In some respects that's progress towards the real kick off, rehearsed by a few wildcats two weeks ago. For once I agree with Nick! when he remarks on Brunt's comments. Interesting how that pillocks name rhymes with the title of this post.

My loathing of the last lot's incompetence pales into insignificance, compared to the ugliness of this Cobbleition's pathetic, directionless behaviour. We have perhaps 10% in this crowd with a brain cell. The rest  
are about as ghastly as you can muster. With Labour you knew and expected a daily dose of vomit to spew forth, burying opposition and drowning protest. This lot the only difference is the fluids used are of a different hue and orifice. 

To think, when this woman referred to "The nasty Party" I thought she was being economical with the truth. Certainly this is a nasty Cobbleition, on a mission for the EU to stifle all protest and herd the meek and gullible quietly into the gas chambers. Think it couldn't happen? I do.

As for the mocking dismissive attitudes that think such comparisons are stupid, I refer you to this interview.  Read carefully how it came about. Note these words, " the Jews from other countries, like Holland, who had not come from ghettos, who knew nothing, and had been tricked. You know how it was...". He did not comment. "Besides, I said, breaking the silence, who could believe it? They simply couldn't believe that Germans could do such a thing. They believed in Humanity. You know...the fake train station, flowers, promising speeches." 

Freedom of speech is now at the whim of Authority. That based in Brussels.

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