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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

There's A Whiff In The Air.

Of Uprising!

 A brief run through of the 1st of August's blogs, as The BBC current affairs ends another tolerable to watch day of programmes (as the main chatterati play leftie anarchy cos' their obscene pension pots might dwindle) and The USA population witness a theatrical nightmare of a flop in Washington and The White (well parts of it) House plays Russian roulette with the world's economy, I am struck with the growing mega dissatisfaction of the citizens of the Globe. Something is definitely stirring. Ugly Ashton lectures the USA on capital punishment, mindless of the arrogance her privileged, wealthy and thoroughly undeserved, discredited position, poisons all forced to endure an EU pygmy, promoted aeons beyond any capability. Strauss Kahn's strutting tenure of The IMF reduced to little, except the massive fortune personally squirrelled away. The rampant diversion of aid monies misappropriated by all and sundry, as Africa makes its usual contribution to the problems of overpopulation. and our polluted planet.
Then there are the massive uprisings in The Middle East with The West doing their usual screwed up interventions in the wrong places. Israelis out in force against corruption and nepotism. A pathetic loss of effort by the compliant media to inform and hush up is no longer effective, as the internet gets ever more to be  the place people are going to get information. Be it capital punishment or the hand wringing over Syria, without one jot of real concern, is blatantly obvious and nasty.
The dreadful hacking saga which re-called Parliament. Some priority, that as thousands are slaughtered in Syria and NATO  bomb tiny tots to pieces. Nothing but nothing must get in the way of thousands of pounds worth of holiday fun for our PM and his depuwty dawg! Who's holding the fort? Newly converted EU lover, Hague. "Oh dear, it's terrible in Syria" he whimpers, in a pseudo concern, whilst genuflecting to the Ashton Alter of EU flatulence.
In all of this carry on is this ever growing whiff, even here in the land of the couch potato brain dead, of dissent. Blogs from left and right are beginning to find common ground in the wasteland of career politics and cosy back scratching. I think they might beginning to get a hint of the mutterings. I doubt it will take much more to blow. My money is on a mega slow down in Germany, as their elite rob the safe deposit boxes to fund the PIIGS and beyond. That or Turkey's accession to The EU. Whatever, if blogging is still available, people will know or sense something wrong. Keep up the good work!


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  2. There's nothing there, Mr L.!

  3. Difficult to believe, it is all actually getting worse. Watch out for Vesuvius?