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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Round And Round...

Goes The Merry Go Round.

Two cheeks of the same.....

Though also partisan,, this piece tells us much of what we already know. The honeyed vomit spewed forth by our PM, Pseudo and the rest of the chatterati, about protecting civilians is pure and unadulterated sick. My maxim Gun syndrome is alive and well. A situation wherebye opposing sides are armed by the same suppliers. The death, maiming and destruction of little peoples' lives is of nought in this merry go round of plunder and smug greed. 
The two clowns above are perfect examples of the Rothschild conglomerate of Western decadent cartels. Where Gaddafi and Libya are concerned, both looters backed the wrong horses but still collect winnings we can only dream of. A ten million lotto rollover small change to these guys. Well, maybe a slightly larger mansion.
You can bet the millions diverted to their coffers, by Gaddafi, among others, will not be sought after to make reparation. It'll be us mugs, as ever, picking up the tab. As in Afghanistan and Iraq, American, British and a few other tax paying mugs will pay for the theaters of plunder and the lives lost, whilst the true beneficiaries, as ever, will get ever richer. How nice it would be if a new Libyan regime asked for all those bungs to be returned. As I said yesterday, Mandleson might do well to hold off completing that obscene house purchase. Some chance, sadly.


  1. The Gaddafi Appreciation Society? One where you do not pay subs, the Society pays you.

  2. And big time if those property mansions are owt to go by, Demetrius.