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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Olympic Farce.

Public Relations Gone Mad.

Notwithstanding this denied and dubious plan, I am sick and tired of this constant hype. Years of trailer promos for the BBC and billions of pounds already pissed up a fair few walls. As ever, the fat cats will get any cream and the moggies a few scraps if they're lucky and a guaranteed colossal bill for decades to come.

An issue I have, among many, is this federal European diktat that nationhood is to be watered down to nothing but federal states. States in a pecking order of favouritism determined by shadowy Commissioners. Guess who will dip out there. However this jamboree of drug fueled, nation versus Nation, Olympic village orgy fest and all round big party for some, disaster for many, three weeks of utter banality fills me with dread.

 So as far as this worldwide celebration of National competitive endeavour is concerned we suspend the EU obsession for their destruction in Northern Europe for a spell. Why? Must be the lucrative and luxury opportunities for our Bilderbergers and a massive opportunity to flog more tat. Plus a terrific nightmare for those charged with policing the tons of drugs concealed in hundreds of thousands of sports equipment bags. 

Now a game not included in this festival of indulgence that would be nice to see would be protests at their being foisted on an already knackered economy. I will not submit to the blackmail of PR that states "you vill be prout of zees events or else" that is pedaled by vested interests. The whole nonsense is a PR stunt. One devised to fool us all into believing the crap we're told.  The most irritating individual of all in this con? Lord, (for God's sake) Bloody Coe. Now there's a weasel if ever there was one.Bet he's coining millions.

Also a new gymnast category to be judged for medals. More rubbish to be cleaned up!


  1. Just ignore the damn thing. I've managed to avoid any hype by either not reading about it or turning the TV over whenever it's on. I also make a point of saying what an embarassement to this country the bloody awful logo is and how I cringe every time I see it (which I do). The logo is representative of the whole farce. No one I know is interested in the Olympics - they all think at's a waste of money and purely done for vested interests, which it is.


  2. Aren't the real Olympics held at Much Wenlock each year? Far better value for money by any standard.

  3. Spot on, Dave but hard to avoid the bloody hype. Demetrius, a very nice part of the World!

  4. The whole thing is nonsense. It's not for normal people, just the elite.

  5. Michael, we are the real elite in the real world!

  6. I don't envy you all with this spectacle. One of the happiest days was about a year ago, when we found out Shitcago was NOT going to get the olympics! I cheered and was thrilled. All the dirty politicians wanted it....they had been buying up land around obummer's neighborhood, and all the slum lords were going to cash in. BWWWahhhhhhaaaa, that fell through!

    It's just more hype and crap and ways for the crooks to make money. I also fear that all the psycho foreigners who shall remain nameless (but love to chop off peoples heads and other body parts, and hate bacon) will cook up something awful. I hope
    everyone stays safe, and if anyone lives around the areas this is happening, leave town for the month!