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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oh England.

How You Have Fallen.

I received a missive, below, last evening. It epitomises the racial and bigoted religious arrogance associated with what amounts to a subversive and misogynistic evil our so called Governments have allowed to contaminate our land. Unchecked racial hatred and threatening language not only go unpunished but my life's savings and taxes are sacrificed to give sanctuary to a cancer that is spreading vigorously, every minute of every day. When this Tweeted catalogue of venom and bile, full of murderous and criminal intent, is allowed to flourish and grow, what hope have we? Our taxes and our hard won freedoms are fading as this tumour takes hold. Meanwhile the surgeons and specialists shrug and call for endless inquiries as to why "shit happens". Do we hear a clamour and an uproar from the people closely allied to  this pork speaking trougher whose communities he trashes as much as our own abandoned streets? Do our courts scream to punish appropriately this devil incarnate in our midst?
It seems only a passionate and encompassing adherence to Christ is worth anything, as his infantile, latecomer religion struggles for any semblance of decency and morality. Respect is to be earnt. Christ has that totally. I'm unconvinced Mohammed has got there yet. Nor ever will when such disciples walk this Earth, notwithstanding their misspent youth!  A leopard never changes its spots. Remember, the face of Hitler was once the face of Germany.

  Anjem Choudary 

These words still offer hope no matter we care not to listen.

Weep not for Him who onward bearsHis cross to Calvary; He does not ask man’s pitying tears,
Who wills for man to die.
The awful sorrow of His face,The bowing of His frame,Come not from torture or disgrace;
He fears not cross or shame.
There is a deeper pang of grief,An agony unknown, In which His love finds no relief;
He bears it all alone.
He thinks of all for whom His lifeOf lowliness and pain,And weariness and care and strife,
Will be, alas, in vain.
He sees the souls for whom He dies Yet clinging to their sin, And heirs of mansions in the skies
Who will not enter in.
Ah! this, my Savior, was the shameThat bowed Thy head so low;These were the wounds that racked Thy frame,
And made Thy tears to flow.
O may I in Thy sorrow share, And mourn that sins of mine Should ever wound with grief or care
That loving heart of Thine.


  1. Spoof or not, OR, he's still a nasty piece of work. As for faith, politicians inspire sod all so why not?

  2. Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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  3. If it isn't a spoof, it shd be! Surely someone, somewhere, has the legal authority to take down the a/c, spoof or not and, if not, why not? This man is British, having been born here, that makes him a traitor. I wish we could do something about people like him.

  4. Btw, OR, you're right about the country having lost Christian values, largely by political design and encouragement. For all tptb may say about everything and everyone being equal, they're wrong. Someone and something always has to have the upper hand or else society won't function properly. It's just the way of the world. Unfortunately, the wrong sort of person appears to have the whip-hand at the moment.