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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Off Balance Sheet Accounting.

In So Many Ways.

As America joins The EUSSR in deferring the inevitable bankruptcy for after the hols, I am moved to consider aspects of the dreadful mess our elite have placed us in. It was and remains as ever about power and control. Money and greed the foundations of influence and dominance to achieve those ends. The UK has a Government left of centre but dominated by a smidgeon of right wing economics. Were that a larger factor we could foresee a quicker improvement. Quit The EU, leave Afghanistan and become the trading nation we always were. As for America, their debt is almost, if not, insurmountable. 9/11 was considered by myself and more expert observers as an attack on the fundamental weakness of The West's economies and likely to cause far more damage than the loss of life and destruction of buildings.
That the Afghan campaign has mirrored the old USSR debacle which resulted in its break up is deliciously ironic.
I digress. Hand wringing this morning is focused on the armed force's cuts and billions of NHS wasted IT contracts handed out to Labours' pals and patronage. All of it hides an issue nobody wishes aired. Mass immigration has overwhelmed our ability to finance the strain on resources and the money to pay for them. The disruption to towns and cities, police forces, hospitals and schools is gargantuan. Add to this the EU burden of unnecessary regulation and interference, coupled with their obsession with watering down populations into melting pots of fractured, alien and alienated cultures and the debt created becomes palpable. The West's debt and failure is there writ large. In a belief that a New World Order could be purchased from future earnings, the scale of the task and the desire by other players to dominate was never envisaged. China and Russia are taking over without the shackles of penury forced on the rest of us. Yet still the "one size fits all" mantra of a pink socialist West clings to its pathetic and empty philosophy. If one thing shines out of history, above all else, it is that no Empirical dream has lasted. All ends in war and chaos out of which unforeseen new orders arise. This is happening now. If you wished to slow it down you have to admit failure, see mass migration as wrong and take drastic steps to survive. There is not a politician in the West with the courage to act on any of these things. Shameful incompetence for which many are paying with their lives, let alone their pensions. 

P.S. My post yesterday featuring "revolution" soared in my stats. fascinating!


  1. The US debt is so insurmountable that it beggars belief that those in authority can't see it, so we must look in other directions to find out why they are allowing the debt to pile up.
    Indebtedness leads to reliance which leads to greater control.
    THEY, afterall are a shower of control freaks.

  2. "All ends in war and chaos out of which unforeseen new orders arise."


    "All things fall and are built again,
    And those that build them again are gay." - W.B. Yeats

    I think he meant "happy".

  3. Anon, that we plebs might have personal wealth is an anathema to the NWO. gives us something to fight for. Michael, I'm not so sure!

  4. Talking of shameful incompetence, don't worry OR, Gordon Brown is alive and well. My morning latte was ruined by reading his drivel about how many more billions of Euros will be needed to save all the EU bankers. The answer in his diseased leftie mind is of course to rob it all from taxpayers. But through the swirling fog of his fevered socialist delusions he does dimly perceive that some poor sod somewhere has to create some wealth first to pay for it all.

    No problem says Brown, the man who threw MG Rover to the Chinese wolves, the prat who stood aside while our last nuclear power specialist was sold to the Japanese, the intellectual giant who oversaw most of our industries sold to foreign ownership in exchange for a fast buck for financial fiddlers.

    His brilliantly original answer is.....exports! Let's revive our industries which Labour have spent decades interfering in, buggering about with stupid regulation and ultimately washing their hands of. Now it seems we can't all live by clicking numbers on a screen but we should perhaps think of making real products again. Didn't the UK once do this rather well before boneheads like Brown came along?