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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Obscenity Revealed.

Not In All Its Glory.

I am indebted to my intellectual and literary superior, Demetriusfor this link. It is long but a powerful indictment ignored or even unknown by the thick political and chatterati classes of the UK. I have long argued that the banking crisis might well be used as a smokescreen to further the Orwellian World Order of one government. Osborne, this very morning, lauds the monetary glue to use towards this goal. Meanwhile that paragon of a hypocrite family's matriarch of faux socialism chips in, the Queen of EU quangos, Glenys Kinnock.
Let us look at the real agenda as shown in Demetrius's link, part two, The Economic Elite. "In total, US millionaire households have at least $45.9 trillion in wealth, the majority of this wealth is held within the upper one-tenth of one percent of the population."
If you just read this section you will be as enraged as I am. In order to protect and enjoy this enormous wealth and world dominance, it is necessary to continue mopping up operations post their world war three victory. 
Herein lies the bedrock of our woes. I'm no socialist but to see this grotesque and unbelievable wealth garnered from the rape of the planet and the subjugation of it masses, I could easily take up arms to restore a fairer and saner sharing of the earth's blessings.
The rioting this past week, endlessly and overwhelmingly poured over by a pliant and constituent media and political ignorance I feel compelled to add to, reluctantly. If only to garner a different understanding and greater reality. Look at Coke'ED and his cronies. The article we are featuring is never mentioned by what is meant to be a socialist group. If you wonder why, these cretins have been promised a top table seat and a socialist Utopia wherein the ends justify the means. Ergo, we can use the power of money from whatever source. Be it arms trade, drugs, war, banking fraud, anything. Once we have ultimate control we will invite you, the socialists, to oversee the concentration camps and play your games of selective friendships, patronage and injustice. You can pretend you've saved the world and ensure any professional class's objections be well and truly smothered. Orwell's prescience remains very much alive. As in world war one, as millions are slaughtered in the trenches, the generals sipped fine wines and ate gourmet cuisine in the Chateaux of the rich.A sort of Brussels HQ of its day. The condemnation of the "thugs", the violent rioting and the villification of the underclasses all combine to hide the manifest inequalities which these people instinctively know is going to get very much worse. 
There will always be an underclass for all sorts of reasons. Its size and control are the only things within the remit of the powerful and they know well how and where to direct it. World war three is done and dusted as the article points out. I see little chance of reversal without a Divine intervention.


  1. Those trillion dollar figures are incredible. So much for humanitarian aid, OR.

  2. I see little chance of reversal without a Divine intervention.

    Global warming!