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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Obama's Crack Cocaine.

Together With Europe!

Looking for Laurel and Hardy?
Nice assessment by Fraser Nelson. Note this phrase, "Obama’s still addicted to debt". Nelson ends with this summary phrase, "Osborne had best come back from holiday with a Plan A+. It looks like Britain is going to need it."
How many more times must we SHOUT to get our voices heard. Manufacturing must be grown, alongside farming and a healthy service industry. The Bombardier loss of a Government backed contract for the manufacture of railway carriages is one example of where we are losing so much to the EU Comic Book Statist crap. Our membership of The EU, coupled with our extortionate Gentleman's club fees to The IMF are a joke. A very unfunny one.
Much of America's debt, glaringly mirrored in this EU cabal, is to fund bureaucracy and military foolhardiness. As stated so many times, 9/11 was a trap sprung to bankrupt The West and America. Look how well its going. The huge pen pusher armies necessary to promote war, borrow billions and furnish the egos of erstwhile leaders, is a ball and chain around the ankles of stumbling prosperity. The EU colossus, with its grand edifices, duplicated parliaments and special trains are a disgrace. Obama's entourage on his global travels costs the Americans ever burgeoning debt to fuel Obama's addiction. Some crusader for the Black cause, what?
This whole dramatic mess will eventually stabilise. It can be expedited with the fracturing of this EU ceramic idealism founded on and now floundering on, a socialist republic dream. A dream for a few, a nightmare for the rest of us. 
Plan A+ for Osborne is simple, divorce us from the EU, IMF and super power ambitions and get us all back to working for The UK first and foremost. No chance, of course. As The EU breaks apart on the rocks of market reality our bunch of highly paid bureaucrats will be first into the lifeboats. Well those not commandeered by The EU Commissioners. 
Plan A+ for America is surely to dump Obama and his "Democratic" lefties sooner rather than later. Do they do vote of no confidence thingies?



  1. We told you so:

    The Euro - Ending in tears.

  2. UKIPwebmaster, it will be kept afloat until the last dime has been squandered, I'm afraid.
    Rooky, we could pun 'til the cows come home to roost!

  3. "manufacturing must be grown"
    What manufacturing would that be?


  5. Wait till the Turks join and Cameron is their biggest supporter could you make it up?

  6. Anon, The Turks will form the backbone of The EUSSR security forces.