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Friday, 26 August 2011

Obamas' Cancerous Corruption.

The Western System Is Worse Than Any African Despot.

As Michelle Obama is proving. We imagine our UK politicians, from local government through to the dizzy heights of Westminster are peculiar to The UK and The EU. Think again, it is rife. A seam of selfish greed running through every individual offered a ride on the gravy train. That it's a journey to perdition seems irrelevant to them. 
Sadly our vicious decline, aided and abetted by such people and their corporate and banking pals is all part of the holy grail of globalisation. In America The Tea Party might just offer them hope for a right wing backlash against the champagne socialists eptitomised by the women above. Little chance here in Blighty.

To witness their profligate life styles, whilst millions lose savings and pensions and live under the umbrella of fear as to the next scam to further impoverish the masses, is a sickening place to be. What I am at a loss to understand is no matter how blatant this pissing in our faces gets, the less anyone seems to care.

I'm afraid to say but I cannot but link the violent rioting of two weeks hence as being a pointer as to where it will all end. As poverty spreads ever upwards, criminal expression at the frustration and sense of helplessness, the rich at our expense elite engender, seems the only option. If only someone would break away from the ruling juntas the three main parties represent. A UKIP figure appear and sweep all before them to cleanse this ghastly, rat strewn pinnacle inhabited by the career politicians. Or perhaps a breakaway Democratic Conservative party able to listen. Unless that does happen, the future is not orange but blood red and ablaze.


  1. I fear Oldrightie your crystal ball gazing is spot on.

    However, what we need is a new SOE (Special Operations in England) to start parachuting arms and explosives into us for when the time comes!

  2. The new Libyan regime might help. Or even the old one, Bill.

  3. Could not agree with you more. Notice in the last few days two cases bring it all home. A illegal Nigerian immigrant trying to marry a Dutch citizen so he can remain in the UK.
    While a couple are on holidays some Rumanian low life break into their house and the police farce announce there is nothing we can do no law broken?
    Did we hear any of these waste of space MPs say anything about this.

  4. This harpie, hag grifter we're stuck with is the BIGGEST thief and mooch America ever had to house in the WH.

    Her excess is off the charts, and while she lectures us to eat lettuce and her psycho hubby tells us to "eat our peas"....she and her gaggle of grifters chow down on lobster, top shelf booze, etc. etc.

    She's really ramping it up because she knows they will be kicked to the curb in the next election. I can't stand this bimbo, she hates America, and is giving her the shaft as her "reparations". The WH will have to be fumigated when these jerks finally leave it.

  5. Anon, the reality of our broken society and whose to blame is beyond our MPs to understand, such is their deluded detachment.
    AB, I take it you're not a fan? Me, I love the feminine wing of your Republican movement!