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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nothing Changes.

Except We Get To Find Out A Little About Our Deceitful Power Mongers.

I am surprised, since I began blogging as a way of giving vent to my inability to keep stum, how posts from many moons hither could be re-posted with just a small adjustment for date and individuals involved. The 2009 link at the start of the post,  is a perfect case in point.

I was prompted by this report found at RT.  Billions somehow diverted to all sorts of people. Not least The Taliban. A further example of this can be read here. Now bear in mind my take on 9/11 was that the atrocity in itself was as nothing compared to the real target of Western economies and wealth.

In this the terrorists made the classic mistake we all make. They ignore the "Maxim Gun" syndrome. Sure the populations of the West are and will continue to be hurt by the successful sucking in of money to fund woefully misguided wars. Indeed the Taliban, Al Quaeda and other fundamentalist, often Muslim, terrorists garner substantial largesse, as well. Evidence is now legion, as shown in the links in this post.

Where the stratagems fail is that the shadowy but powerful groups who control and indulge their secretive grip on the Planet's resources, remain untouched. As these elites fund all sides, with either weaponry or political access, they remain untouchable in their elusive bastions of absolute control.

Since our political establishments are all in thrall to these small, mafioso style families, paid off where necessary, toppled if all else fails, is it little wonder we make zero progress to a better world for many rather than a select few. 

This endemic corruption filters down to the minions. Those who scent a whiff of how to get a modest slice of the leftovers discarded by the very top. Ergo, Councillors and their officers and Chief Executives ape the Westminster robber barons. The latter, in turn, copy the envied examples of their brushes with the obscenely wealthy. 

The rancid, putrid stench of this collective looting pervades all our lives. Trouble is our media coupled with gigantic PR machines, churn out nosegays of goodies and sought after luxury, fame and celebrity religion. Add to all this a giant melting pot of cast off cultures and a watered down, potato peel soup of education and their control is made easy.

Still, only time will tell where it will all end. In 100 years time none of us will be alive to see. I still wager it will be a "Mad Max" World but would be joyful to be proved wrong and "the eye of a needle" proven right!

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