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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Movers And Shakers Are Away.

Despite The Soundbites.

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I find this super picture a perfect illustration of blogging. In the middle of UK rioting aftermath and forests of chatterati loo paper on the subject, the underhand ghastliness of the political world, corruption and worldwide mafia control of wealth, our movers and shakers cling to their "August is our month off", stubbornness.
Blogging tries to keep attention going and shout and rail at the pilot less, asleep at the controls establishment but few are listening.
Even this medium, that gives us a little platform to let off steam, is not of any relevance to those in power. A legion of sane common sense individuals, proven prescience and determined solutions to our ills, all go unnoticed by the world in general. I have a hope that it might become mainstream and the place where more people will come to find guidance and help in forming their own opinions and actions. I guess some will point at "social media" useage last week in The UK, or elsewhere in The Middle East and say it was and remains instrumental. Perhaps so but sad to see that it can only seem to work when the motivation is to incite rather than inform.
Nevertheless, violent uprising does begin to get more and more the only option to get the likes of The EU and bureaucrats everywhere to notice there is existence beyond their lucratively created bubbles. Anybody got a pin?


  1. You've now reached the exact same point as I did around this time last year, OR, unfortunately, I now believe it's the only thing that will ever get the results we all want to see - they see reasoned debate as a sign of weakness and so they carry on shafting us every day. Time to scare the living shit out of them!

  2. Sadly, Spidey, we are but a small band!