Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"It's Own Funeral Pyre."

Prescient And True.

This speech could apply this very day. "There's nothing we can do about it, a public opinion unregarded". Just listen to these words. "The deliberate dismantling of decency, morality and respect".

It is scarily and spookily applicable today. Here are words messianic in their warnings and as relevant to these riots, looting and social breakdown wrought from a black racist (tribal) violent resentment of the endemic North European population, long suppressed. The fear should now be a bursting of the tolerance so long taken for granted by politicians and their failure to represent their electorate rather than themselves. There is no deterrent anymore. We are weak and politically correct, which has played into the hands of the greedy and the powerful as well as the gangsters and their exploitation of the idle. 
Talk now rages and probably top of this morning's COBRA agenda, about the use of troops. Hang on, they're busy fighting abroad to keep our streets safe!
My anger is reserved, not for the thugs and their mindless racism and resentment but for the political classes who through their left wing, social liberalism, have swept away discipline, aspiration and personal responsibility. Listen to Powell's  warnings and his anger at the Establishment. Warnings echoed today, by so many, about the direction of a Statist Europe. Those are "unregarded" and will, indeed, are going the same way to create a Continent which will respond in the same explosive manner we are seeing in Britain. Led by the sad description of our capital City known as Londonistan.
One small silver lining, the BBC aren't so smugly superior, as the flames threaten their own expensive doorsteps and wartime style evacuation of children looms.



  1. "This speech could apply this very day"
    Wrong - This speech DOES apply this very day...

    Every MP (particularly the recent intakes), and all the Common Purpose bastards should be forced to listen to this speech repeatedly, until they're begging for mercy...

  2. Hi, MD. Sorry, that's what I meant. Still spooky, isn't it?

  3. They should be forced to listen to it, but not repeatedly, just once before being taken out and - well, you know the rest.

  4. GV, treated like the looters they are?

  5. London hasn't been England's capital for a long, long time, ask Ken Livingston, Alibib Brown, ask Choudray ask Boris, they will tell you that London is a "world capital" and belongs to "Cosmopolitan Londoners", it's their city and they will, eventually, ruin it, when they have and the countries from which they fled look a better proposition, we the English will take her back and once agasin make her our beloved Capital.

  6. Anon, "it's their city and they will, eventually, ruin it,"
    Doing a pretty good job right now, but I take your point. However I'm not sure attempts to take it back will be so lazily policed.

  7. The rioters are an extention of society, may the fringe die hard. Former Protestant societies raise the black flag of anarchy over the dead institutions they so delight in death.

  8. Why don't they just spray these looters with some indelible bright green dye which would mark them out as troublemakers wherever they went? The police could then deliberately target coloured yoofs and the BBC would explode with leftie indignation.

  9. Mr M, black flag? OP, nice one. A sort of paint balling exercise?