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Monday, 8 August 2011

Is It Any Wonder?

When They Are Placing Their Hols Before The Nation.

Not one mention as to who are the perpetrators. Not one word about immigrant dominance. One clip of the looters saw them swaggering down the street untouched by the army of riot police bystanders. I've said it before, it bears repeating. We have imported circa 80% of this nightmare and have to idly watch our police reduced to a helpless rump too scared to intervene.
Meanwhile, nothing from our Government. Well concern about the development of The PM's tennis prowess in preparation for his deluded belief, like his predecessors, he's destined for a palace in Brussels. Oh, also a dismissive, superior and breathtakingly arrogant rejection of The Public's growing understanding of the failure of The EUSSR, as discussed here.
Well, rioting seems the only way to shake this stupidity. Maybe the more volatile in our Country today will do the job. 


  1. WE didn't import it, the government did and still is, despite their rhetoric.

    Why should they care? They live in their leafy avenues surrounded in "Englishness" supported by unwilling taxpayers.

    Our choice? To either move house or live amongst these imported animals.

  2. Hi, Sue,
    We moved out of Brum to God's own country but eventually they'll be here, too.

  3. Yes, they are all on holiday. I wonder if they will come back - ever. If I had made such a mess, I wouldn't want to show my face again.

  4. They have no shame, Michael. Deluded incompetence is their norm.

  5. It's pathetic the cops were ordered to stand down! They stand around scratching their asses, while the yobs laugh at them.

    And that hag in the photo, is that a man who had a sex change? Most all your pols, (like ours), are sub-human clueless creeps who only care about their own wealth and comfort.

    Love your blog, OR, and I'm I'm following you now, and put on on my "esteemed" blogroll, much overdue.