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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Immigration With Zero Integration.

Tolerance Trashed.

Note the complete absence of who and what. It's the same place PC Blakelock was hacked to death in 1985. On the BBC we learn how the police were reluctant to get mixed in with the rioters and looters. Had they been attributed to white groups and gangs then the police would have attacked, tazered, beaten or fired on looters but not  rampaging, racist, black gangs.
As the streets paved with gold no longer exist, if they ever did, this violence will spread throughout the major towns and cities. The word community, used as a euphemism to describe the mass, politically engineered, coloured underclass ghettos are about to clash with their white counterparts. Gangsters and drug cartels are seeing an opportunity to use civil unrest and armies of disillusioned, violently resentful immigrant populations to create such a reign of terror and power as to be unstoppable. 
Our political shysters and left wing luvvies, aided and abetted by a despicable state media, have only themselves to thank for a multi-cultural explosion of nuclear proportions. Here is but a small snapshot of what is going on. 
Violence from the immigrant communities is about a racial and Islamic sense of inferiority and passionate anger at an  alienation inevitable in all minority situations. As the endemic, white population evolves into an engineered minority the emphasis will switch completely. Either way a Kosovo style nightmare awaits Europe as a whole, thanks to the ghastly efforts of those who consider themselves superior in driving an agenda that austerity is now highlighting in stark relief. Looting and indiscriminate, horrific violence imported by those weekending in The Cotswolds and Summering in exotic places, far away. Our political and establishment hierarchy, whose qualifications to be called an elite are laughable, have no shame and no memory of the warnings by Enoch Powell all those years ago.
As the economic disaster that has been wrought almost deliberately, spreads its contagion throughout all but the wealthiest classes, so the Molotov cocktails will explode in every corner of this blighted and diseased, multi-cultural wasteland of lost decency and tolerance. Land of hope and glory is descending into a pit of racist despair and tribal warfare. Racism and resentment as emotional factors are not confined to the paler skinned by any means. It's time that myth was well and truly scotched. The blazing, looted streets of Tottenham, celebrating the death and martyrdom of a low life, drug dealing, black mobster is just the first flare up of a wounded, corrupted, blighted land. One where tolerant integration was abused by political idiots who, in their deluded, left wing ideology,  chose to overwhelm the instinctive good nature of the British culture. Watch and weep as that old fashioned decency is trampled to oblivion.


  1. Hang on, OR. Mister Duggan is a paragon of gun toting, drug beating and dealing virtue. His right to rule Tottenham with an iron fist and fearsome, draconian brutality is his human right, innit?

  2. XX Gangsters and drug cartels are seeing an opportunity to use civil unrest and armies of disillusioned, violently resentful immigrant populations to create such a reign of terror and power as to be unstoppable. XX

    And the difference between them and the dictatorships we laughingly call "Governments, witrh their constant "terror threats" is what, exactly?

  3. Zilch. However, FT, the middle class are where they always are, in the crossfire. Be it violence, taxation, everything. Stuck in the middle of Government and its bias to the biggest electoratal vote. One heavily bolstered by mass immigration.