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Monday, 22 August 2011

If Reports Are True.....

That Gaddafi's Grip Is Over....

There should be a small degree of nervousness in the old New Labour camps. For two years now, since Al Megrahi was released at death's door, we have watched the creepy manner in which Libyan oil has been sold to bolster the fortunes of a "special" elite of Western looters. That master of brown nosing for personal gain, Bliar, aided and abetted by his mentor, Pete Pederast, have leapt to the forefront of some of the wealthiest individuals in circulation. Where on Earth did Pete get £8 million quid to blow on a London mansion?

This article highlights how it all meshes to our detriment and more significantly, the Libyan peoples'.
Unlike our EU and UK populations, who still stare, transfixed, mindlessly at z list of celebrities closeted in an electronic zoo, whilst their audience's very bread is filched from the kitchen, the Libyans and others have decided enough of being shafted was enough.
Now if this justifiable rebellion is pressed home, Pseudo Dave, The EU and it's NATO forces will be delirious with back slapping. That may not last if secrets and lies are uncovered by a new Government in Libya detailing the depths of corruption happily embraced by the West, previously. Maybe, just maybe, the double dealing and Gaddafi back scratching will show how careful a new Libyan Government will have to be when choosing allies and friends, post Gaddafi. My bet is that the Chinese and Russian capitals will be their first ports of call. If so, that will be even more nerve racking for those who so richly benefited from being on a murderous regime's payroll. Perhaps Mandy might be wise not to exchange contracts, just yet  , legal fees can get very costly!
Some argue that's the way it goes, whilst others have faced gunfire, bombing and certain death to prove otherwise, as in Syria and throughout The Middle East. We did it in the 1940s but it was at great cost and has since been long forgotten. Still, time will tell if the endemic corruption in the West, that has brought us all to our knees, will triumph or not. Libya may well be a tipping point, we can but hope.


  1. Do not be too concerned for him and his friend pictured. They both have a lot of properties in London and the offshore funds to support them in the slums of Chelsea and South Kensington, as well as their country mansions.

  2. Time they were forfeited, Demetrius.

  3. I wish I had your optimism at times OR. I fear that the people of Libya, brave though they clearly are, have merely exchanged one set of bastards for another, bastards that will this time have the approval of the West.

  4. With luck Tripoli will not fall into an orgy of looting and pillage as witnessed in Baghdad and London.
    Captain Ranty informs that life in Libya was dominated by official paperwork so hopefully the papertrail will be followed that leads to the conviction of Blair and Mandelpig.

  5. Atlas, I'm a hopeful pessimist! Banned, that would be so delicious.