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Sunday, 28 August 2011

How Much Are We Ever Told?

That Is Truthful.

My header gadget links to an alternative view of the tragedy unfolding in Libya. Blithely I have accepted much of the propaganda about Qaddafi, together with the same reaction to Saddam when he was vilified. Indeed, I am old enough to have glibly swallowed Suez, The Cold War stuff and so on. It's often very hard to know who's evil and who's not.

However I have grown a pair of cynical cojones as I age. Things like the Dr David Kelly business. Snotty Brown's elevation to the highest office in the land, post wrecking our lives and economy and despite being psychologically unsound. I'm sure there are many, many other examples of the way we are deceived and brainwashed. This propaganda machine is rife where The EU is concerned. Not just Heath's treacherous obfuscation and untruths about the federal goals but millions and millions of pounds/euros are spent to trick us into the camps. Just one example here.

Why should this Government behaviour be a problem, you might ask? After all we elect them to guide us through the world, don't we? Well, consider how those in the know enrich themselves. From local council leeches all the way to Westminster parasites such as Bliar and Mandleson. Their lies and shady dealings don't just enrich these cretins and hangers on, they get millions killed and maimed.

They infect their greed and avaricious nastiness on some who might otherwise have been OK. We see this happening, and some 43 years earlier, "This has made him awful nervous,” explained his mother, Mrs. Myrtle Meadlo, 57, New Goshen, Ind. “He seems like he just can’t get over it. “I sent them a good boy and they made him a murderer.” from  here. War makes us deliver the atrocity of lies in an evil form. One which nobody ever seems to understand. Each new generation thinks it knows best. Ask Pseudo Dave.

I close with the EU's excuse for it's federal dictatorship as being to prevent war ever again, in Europe. Now if we believe that then we believe anything, don't we? Just disregard the plunder of Libya, it's good for us all, isn't it? Makes you proud to be a European, such a noble enslavement on the path to where? Utopia or Orwell's 1984?

I don't want this in my name,
Nor in anyone's, for shame,
It's only greed that drives to war,
As though it were a game.
Why did we never heed such greatness as Rudyard Kipling about the First World War?

"If any question why we died,
Tell them because our fathers lied."

Or, from "The Dead Statesman." (sic).

I could not dig, I dared not rob,
Therefore I lied to please the mob,
Now all my lies are proved untrue.
And I must face the men I slew.
What tales shall serve me here among,
Mine angry and defrauded young,

Good reasons why the powers that be don't want an educated populace, do you think? Have a great Sunday!


  1. I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall sometimes. Good link for the propaganda machine site. I'll keep an eye on that one too now. We could almost solve everything in one fail swoop if we just get out of the EU. I've been looking into the "Arab Spring" of late and found so much evidence that these have been started by TPTB on purpose so they can pillage natural resources and get lucrative contracts.

    Ironically, the "fatherland" wanted nothing to do with the war. I guess Merkel thought she'd have a revolt on her hands if they engaged Libya but now who is queuing to get in with their tenders? That's right, Germany. So, while British taxpayers are subsidising this false war, Germany is cashing in and what will the Jellyfish do? Fuck all, just like with the Bombadier contract.

  2. There was a fracas in York last night. Hidden by the "machine". Berlin is also ablaze nightly. It's coming, Sue, just stock up on the popcorn!

  3. I wouldn't have thought it likely that any country would think; "Oh well France, England and America did the fighting, let them have all the oil". They are all bound to be in there.

    But they reckon that the UK-Libyan trade will be back on line this week. The trouble is we buy FAR more from them than they from us. It's only BP and Royal Dutch Shell that make money.

    But I agree with you OR. They lie with every breath they take. I believe nothing that they promise now. All that they care about is their expenses, salaries, what they can fiddle, what their legacy will be; what they can do after they have finished...tour, write books, get paid for photographs... often replete with their medieval titles.

    Meanwhile an old lady I visited this afternoon sat in her cold house in the wintry weather we are having in Scotland ... and shivered. She didn't want to put the heating on yet. With price increases and reduction in heating grants, the elderly are taking a unfair hit for the politicians' and bankers' greed and incompetence.

    And they wonder why there are riots? Ha ha ha ha ha ...fools.

  4. "the elderly are taking an unfair hit for the politicians' and bankers' greed and incompetence."
    Poignant, true and bloody hard to change, Tris. Keep up the good work.

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