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Wednesday, 17 August 2011



The 16th of August, 2011 is as infamous a day in our history as was Petain's machinations over the corpses of his countrymen. "The French and German leaders have called for "true economic governance" for the eurozone in response to the euro debt crisis."  
As countries throughout Eastern Europe escaped the yolk of communism and the dreadful USSR, brought about by the likes of De Gaulle and Stalin, so they were lured into an unholy alliance with the most dreadful, corrupt Axis of evil since Hitler.
This announcement of an expedited EUSSR has been planned for months, if not years. Trust me, the spade work, digging our graves to bury our freedom, was done over the past few months to get 17 countries' Quislings on the bandwagon to hell. As for our own smooth talking treacherous pieces of excrement, dragged forth from the sewers of self interest, privilege and ambition, I have no words to express my disgust.
As we witness this atrocity in our name and at our expense just marvel at its success. Our taxes have been given away to fund all this corruption. Now the Mafia bank rollers have to be paid.
How can we sleepwalk into this dreadful Union which already has failed millions of us. Pensions ruined, jobs destroyed and a membership fee to this cartel of corruption at enormous cost. We can only pray for a Churchiilian figure to rise up and lead us into war against this invasion every bit as deadly as expected in the 1940s.

Is this what we fought for? Is this repetition of history my generations thank you to all those, on every side, who were massacred on the alter of this vanity? I see little difference except our Dunkirk is littered with pathetic smokescreens about sodding phone hacking. This atrocity that is a fedrral Enslavement goes unremarked and billions of our borrowed debt are diverted to conquer us. We are letting it happen. Uprising is seemingly unavailable and I for one, hang my head in shame it has come to this. God bless those who died so pointlessly to have their sacrifices trampled underfoot by the same old Franco-German Axis.


  1. My "OAS" idea from a few weeks ago seems even more attractive now.

  2. Interesting times ahead methinks.
    If the alarm clock doesn't go off soon, and wake up Europe from its drug induced slumber, then we truly deserve the coming 'Reich'.

    I'm afraid that waking up may prove impossible for the majority ,because 'Celebrity Big Brother' starts tomorrow.

  3. X Factor: The New Generation - starts on Saturday. Very well timed.

  4. Michael.,ArtCo, I was in Aberaeron, on a day out, today. Beautiful, tranquil, superb. Yet I could hear in the background the distant thud of jackboots. Perhaps that sound will concentrate a few minds as their screens go blank.

  5. Jackboots? Reminds me of an Auden poem -

    O What Is That Sound

    O what is that sound which so thrills the ear
    Down in the valley drumming, drumming?
    Only the scarlet soldiers, dear,
    The soldiers coming.

    O what is that light I see flashing so clear
    Over the distance brightly, brightly?
    Only the sun on their weapons, dear,
    As they step lightly.

    O what are they doing with all that gear,
    What are they doing this morning, morning?
    Only their usual manoeuvres, dear,
    Or perhaps a warning.

    O why have they left the road down there,
    Why are they suddenly wheeling, wheeling?
    Perhaps a change in their orders, dear,
    Why are you kneeling?

    O haven't they stopped for the doctor's care,
    Haven't they reined their horses, horses?
    Why, they are none of them wounded, dear,
    None of these forces.

    O is it the parson they want, with white hair,
    Is it the parson, is it, is it?
    No, they are passing his gateway, dear,
    Without a visit.

    O it must be the farmer that lives so near.
    It must be the farmer so cunning, so cunning?
    They have passed the farmyard already, dear,
    And now they are running.

    O where are you going? Stay with me here!
    Were the vows you swore deceiving, deceiving?
    No, I promised to love you, dear,
    But I must be leaving.

    O it's broken the lock and splintered the door,
    O it's the gate where they're turning, turning;
    Their boots are heavy on the floor
    And their eyes are burning.

  6. Superb, MF and such a haunting metaphor? for the present.
    "Only their usual manoeuvres, dear,
    Or perhaps a warning.".

  7. The youf always kick off first. They are well and truly integrated, like it or not.
    ( this is not a statement of intent to riot)

  8. "this is not a statement of intent to riot)

    What is needed is millions on the streets in peaceful and unified protest against all the present establishment. That very much includes labour and The Union Barons. A blank piece of paper and a large history book is needed.