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Friday, 12 August 2011

Far From The Madding Crowd!

A Therapy Room.

Today I've chosen to offer a presentation of Mrs OR's lovely garden. People following this blog will undoubtedly see Oldrightie as a curmudgeonly old fart. Yet my passion is for more people to aspire to achieve as much as they can, without the dead hand of state on their backs. If this old boy can make it, anyone can. Well could at one time. I so despair that my small achievements, from a humble background, look ever more likely to be denied future generations. I hold the political classes and Civil Service mandarins responsible. They would steal this garden from us if given half a chance.


  1. absolutely stunning OR truly inspiring

  2. It is simply stunning! You have a true oasis here, OR, and your faithful pooch is the perfect guard for it too. Enjoy, and tell your wife she's very creative and a master gardner. My little plot is puny by comparison.

  3. You are both most kind and Mrs OR is thrilled. Thank you. AB, "In addition to our summer and winter estate, he owned a valuable piece of land. True, it was a small piece, but he carried it with him wherever he went."

  4. Absolutely beautiful, OR. As Bunni says, it's an oasis of peace and beauty. I'm transfixed.

  5. It gets more beautiful every time I see it.

    What can I say. Like Bunni says, by comparison mine is rather disappointing...

    ...I'll console myself with the thought that you get better weather than I do...

    My warmest congratulations to you and Mrs OR on a piece of art.

    I agree with you. I read that the social mobility opportunities are now lower than in the 1950s.

    It is a terrible indictment on governments of the last 30 years and more. I can only imagine that the lump of dough that currently sits in Downing Street won't make the situation any better.

  6. Hi, Tris. Thank you as ever. You have and still are having atrocious weather your way, this year. However Mrs OR has taught me that all gardens are small where weather is concerned!
    As for Downing Street. People tell me how lovely and charming he is. That veneer of public school teaching excellence that almost makes a purse from its many sows ears.

  7. Wonderful! And so good of you to open them to the public, so others can see the results of both your efforts.

    My regards to you and your good lady.

  8. Thank you, Md. The NGS is a very worthy scheme, dear to Mrs OR's heart. As for OR, keeps me out of mischief!