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Monday, 29 August 2011

Europe's Own Hurricane.

Not Irene But The Euro!

The Telegraph  has this article today. It comes hot on the heels of Lagarde's speech in which "European officials have attacked comments by Christine Lagarde at the weekend about shoring up the Euro area banking system, saying they were "confused" and "misguided". The International Monetary Fund chief used an address at the weekend to central bankers in Wyoming to call for recapitalision of Europe's weakest banks." 

I would like to say how dreadful the hurricane devastation has been on The American East Coast and how fortunate we, in Northern Europe, are to not have such massive storms here. Our sympathy must go out to our beleaguered American cousins. However we do have a weak and poor political structure which mirrors Obamination's terrible delivery to The Nation on "Irene".

His clipped, weak intonation and squeaky pitch of voice was embarrassing. Nearly as much as his wife's Mrs Mugabe like behaviour! Which is worse? The Despot or the harridan wife?  Although Obummer is not a true despot. Well not so far.

Back to the perfect EU storm and the long awaited awakening of the German people. Nightly torching of cars in Berlin, now accepted as a political disaffection and not just "mindless" rioting. It's often Luxury cars involved. Merkel faces a court decision on the bailout legality and a crumbling support for her profligacy to save The EU before any consideration of the up the wall waste of German enterprise and hard earned wealth.

If these localised "storms" become ever more widespread, the dark edifice of a European Super Totalitarian State might just come tumbling down. The initial shock would be felt very deeply but the aftermath and clean up would soon repair decades of hubristic, arrogant and manipulative greed for power. People of every Nation throughout  Europe could be set free to settle their own problems, as swathes of entrenched Mandarins, bureaucrats and political dumbos are swept from Office in disgrace. Maybe that's why the Council and Westminster looting is gathering pace before the storms hit?

Have a great UK Bank holiday. Weather looked set fair, on my stroll earlier this morning!



  1. I hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday, OR!

    The euro crap is very bad, as is the whole EU, that new IMF broad looks even worse that that perv DSK!

    As to who's worse, obummer or his mooching harpy? Hmmmmm, that's a real toss up! I loathe both of them, but barry does more damage to America than all the hurricanes of the last 200 years combined.

    I too, feel awful for the poor people who have been totally flooded out, it's horrible. I had several floods in my basement over the years, but this brings it up to a new level. Of course, obummer is playing politics with the Fed. $ to repair things. Too bad he and his greedy sow weren't swept off a bridge, to be lost at sea forever!

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