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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Drag Anchor.


A 21% increase in a year. reported today. Look closely at where this tide of incoming humanity has to live. Check out your nearest city. At least those areas you dare to venture, to witness the squalor, overcrowding, benefit funded, ghettos. Marvel at the council staff and executives, together with their elected crooks, buffoons and looters all. Marvel at the huge sums of money they plunder to run, preside over and fail to improve, mess.

As you ponder, during your ramble through the disaffected streets and ever declining social morass, so beloved of the political morons, remember that it need never have been like this. You and I have blithely given, as we still do, carte blanche to the socialist passion for social engineering and gerrymandering, of this  mass influx of the world's flotsam and jetsam. We have cowered under an onslaught of EU manufactured vilification and chatterati superiority complex. Mumble your disapproval at the destruction of a once OK Nation, through the forced settlement of alien cultures, religions and self-interest and the verbs spew forth. Intolerant, racist, selfish, xenophobic.

Yet look at the result of this stew of careless ingredients. Schools burdened with language spaghetti, unable to produce hardly any decent cooking. Hospitals inundated with rusty, stale utensils expected to maintain a super clean kitchen when weekends are dominated with a legion of vomiting, disenfranchised, alcoholics. A police force so infected with the e-coli of this dreadful multi-cultural, politically correct, dish of humanity,  as to be powerless. The list goes on.

For me the most terrible factor in all of this is the comparison with those able to earn vast fortunes from it all. For the wealthy elite, particularly those most responsible for the chaotic nightmare, they can live expensive lives unaffected by the Dante's inferno of their making. The incredible vast chasm between their product and their smug, ill gotten gains  eludes them. Indeed knighthoods, peerages and vast wealth is their reward for abject failure. 

We have witnessed an Arab 2011, when this state of affairs has bubbled over and the mirror image despots such as Gaddafi and Mubarak have been toppled. Immense courage, sacrifice and death of innocents has been necessary. In our pea soup of a Country I doubt there is any longer a core, unified cause sufficient to bring about such bravery. Disparate beneficiaries have been carefully and well placed to defuse protest and divide groups. The rioting, so readily forgotten, was predominantly Afro-Caribbean led, many of the direct victims, Asian and subsidiary peoples. I suggest a deliberately manufactured scenario throughout Europe. A watering down of national identities to further Federal ambition and an elite, untouchable power base.

All of this has cost trillions. This grand plan has stalled on the stupidity of its creators. People who failed to understand basic human instinct and economy. As we face a desperate and uncertain future  I am minded of The Mad Max films. In those dramas, all that is left is survival of the fittest. Race, intellect, caring for others and common decency are all of nought in the ruins of the urban jungle's collapse into hell. We see the signs getting ever more apparent, don't we?



  1. The scourge of immigration is destroying America too, OR. It's sickening how your once beautiful cities aren't fit for beasts anymore, the psycho's will slit their throats.

    It does look like mad max out there, or even worse and more recent movie "the road".
    Stay safe where you are, and hope they don't start encroaching there too!

  2. In the late nineties, AB, I spent six weeks training in Miami. On looking for a supermarket near the hotel, I asked someone where it might be. They spoke no English!
    As for encroachment, my local city is showing signs of unpleasant, violent behaviour, by our own trailer trash, aping the larger cities. What a world we have created.

  3. I can't blame the people who are coming here (from within and outwith the European Union.) They're just looking for a better life, unfortunately in doing so our country is being ruined financially and culturally, in the end, they can go back to their country but what do we do?

    It's made all the more ironic because we could have ruined the country ourselves, we didn't need help.

    I'm all for immigration but it needs to be controlled.

  4. Hi, pa_broon74, good of you to pop by.
    I too, do not blame the immigrants themselves. I am sad their hopes and dreams are squandered by out pathetic establishment, every bit as much as our own.

  5. The Biased BBC (certainly on Radio2 news around lunchtime ) was referring to this as the neutral-sounding "migration", rather than the emotive 'immigration'

  6. The BBC. The absolute thought police of 2011, Joe.

  7. @Joe Public:

    I didn't listen to the radio broadcast, but on their website they talk about people leaving as well as and entering. "Migration" is the correct word to use in that case.

  8. Anon, all the semantics possible cannot hide the stain of BBC leftie bias.